Herbal cleanse /detox/ colon and kidneys

Hope you are having a good 2017. I wanted to know if anyone knows about a good but gentle herbal cleanse to detox your colon and your kidneys - ?

Given the slow down of the colon muscles - mom has difficulty going , in fact we had to take her to the doc as her '' was too hard to pass - i know more water, but given that she has issues with incontinence she is reluctant to consume large amounts of water . Any insight ?

Given that i have read that Parkinsons is due to some sort of toxicity - there has to be a regimen that can help .

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  • Maybe this can be the answer, at least I know it works for me: GRAINS. I mix up sunflower grains, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, roasted sesame seeds and eat them mixed with yoghurt for instance or just one teaspoon like this several times during the day. Love it.

  • On the contrary, she must increase her water intake or the problem could get much worse. I know that incontinence is a problem, but better to wear and change disposable undergarments than to die from complications of an obstructed bowel. Not trying to scare you but my neuro is very clear about the need to drink lots of water. Also dehydration can cause dizziness and falls.

  • Try Mag-07 by Aerobic Life. It can be purchased from Amazon.

  • We use Organic India's Triphala. Take a look at the benefits here:


    It helps keep bowels regular while tonifying and supporting the colon helping everything to move through faster. You can adjust dose to your needs.

    We personally use the capsules. The powder is very sour and an acquired taste.

    It is available many places including all across the internet. See Amazon for many reviews.

  • Hi @mymomhaspd. Try this link for Colon Cleanse, I have used it several times succesfully.


  • Hi, I'm new here. Officially diagnosed 9/17/2012.

    Re hard stools, I've had some success with Colace (100 mg/day). Also, I'd recommend eating lots of steamed broccoli and fresh fruit (except bananas).

  • Hi Chuck and welcome.

    I havent come across Colace before. Curious about the fruit and. Veges - ie. why broccoli and why not bananas?

    Kiwi fruit helps I find.

  • Hi Hikoi, Re bananas. Apparently bananas have binding properties and are part of an anti-diarrhea diet , BRAT-diet. So I took them off recommended fruits. However, if they don't cause you problems, they are beneficial.

    Broccoli: Aside from all the nutritional benefits it works (for me) as a stool softener.

  • Thanks Chuck

    I havent noticed those effects but do notice some people recomend bananas in the evening if you get leg cramps.

  • Parkinson's dries out the GI tract from one end to the other.

    Colace is the answer to hard stools. Water will NOT fix it. The generic name for Colace is docusate sodium. It is not a stimulant laxative - all it does is cause moisture to be absorbed by the feces. The maximum recommended dose is 200mg/day but I have taken a much as 750mg/day on a regular basis without adverse effect. It is also said that "Long-term use may cause poor bowel function" which is wrong in my experience. I took it for many months. For some reason something changed and I do not need it any more, at least for now.

    Another option that can be used with docusate or by itself is polyethylene glycol, sold as "ClearLax". This also adds moisture to the stools by a different mechanism.

  • Thanks Parkbear


  • Thanks - any side effects ? I kept telling my poor mom that she is not taking enough water- maybe that's not it then .

  • None that I experienced.

    If we have adequate water, or anything else, the body will self-regulate. In the case of PD, that regulation is faulty when it comes to hydration of the GI tract.

  • Thank you everyone for responding !!!

  • Thanks again - will try it - any particular time when it should be taken .

    Should it be taken with little or a lot water ?

    We will start her on 200 a few times a week just to see how she does - she is taking sdtool softeners right now - this couldn't be wore than that :0

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