Study strengthens therapeutic potential for niacin-based diet in treatment of Parkinson's disease

I take a supplement called Niagen that is a new form of B3 (Niacin is B3) and I noticed an improvement in energy. Niagen (nicotinamide riboside or NR) is a powerful NAD+ booster and is perhaps the most high tech supplement out there. Do a search for it on google and you will see a lot of studies. Read this,

The info in that link shows how to regenerate your mitochondria, which in PD has been damaged. They use niacinamide and also NR in the method. It is a very interesting forum thread and can help all of us get some of our energy back.

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  • I tried niacinamide awhile back on the suggestion of an MD for reduction of bad cholesterol or was it the triglycerides, can't remember. However its not the point, that is that taking the recomended 1 GM daily made my muscles and joints tighter, my mobility even more difficult. I can't recall any increase in energy. The experience taught me to never take supplemental niacinamide. Can't we get enough from nuts and meats? I'd have to wait for proof that the new form of B3 is beneficial. Have a good day.

  • First of all niacinamide/nicotinamide does not alter the HDL to LDL ratio like niacin. Secondly, nia/nico does not cause flushing like niacin. Not sure where your MD studied but the info is dubious.

    I have been taking nia/nico for several years ranging from 1.5 to 3 grams a day with no side effects. Everyone is different on this site and seems to react differently to supplementation.

    If you want to try traditional niacin at 250 mg/day it may be worth your while:

  • Now you da man! I have a different cardio now. This one is not concerned about my cholesterol level he says it's genetic with me. He thinks the decades of warnings about eggs etc, advice to avoid foods that contain fat and so forth is nonsense. I love him, I'm eating peanut butter and real dairy again. So, how is it going?

  • I am fine and hope you are well. I too think the perceived panic about cholesterol is a joke. Short of time tonight I made eggs for dinner with left over veggies. If anything, low LDL cholesterol is more associated with PD than high LDL. One example:

    Have a good night and I am hitting the sack....

  • silvestrov what brand niacin do you use?

    Thanks :)

  • The article mentioned that carbidopa causes niacin depletion and since I am not on carbidopa I do not take niacin - I take niacinamide because it produces twice the amount of NAD than niacin. The article showed 245 mg/day of niacin was effective in this small sample of (N=1) man so any reputable brand of 250 mg niacin would be fine. Randomly I found this:

    I researched ways to diminish flush from niacin and found quercetin may help:

    An additional thought. Quercetin like entacapone, is a COMT inhibitor has been suggested to be used with levodopa carbidopa:

    Finally, for quercetin to be better absorbed it should be combined with bromelain:

    quercetin | C15H10O7 - PubChem › quer...

    In a follow up, unblind, open-label study ... quercetin was combined with bromelain and papain, which may enhance its absorption...

  • Extra respect and appreciation for your documentation!

  • How long have you been taking it? When did you first notice it making a difference?

  • Summary of PROVEN neuroprotective, mitochondria/ATP boosting supps (with refs/links):

    Effects of PQQ on mitochondrial health:

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