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Pre-biotics and CarbidopaLevodopa and Protein

A bottle of pre-biotic supplements arrived today and one of the ingredients is Protease -12000 HUT - touted to help digest protein. What does our jury say - is this good or not regarding the uptake of CD/LD?

I'm careful to avoid protein around the time I take the CD/LD but wondering if this supplement works fast or if it scavenges and finds more protein to digest and so takes longer, which would interfere with the drug uptake.

Anyone have experience w/ pre-biotics and CD/LD? Thanks...

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In theory, enzymatic prebiotics should help to breakdown protein thus increasing on time in PD patients. So far I have not read any clinical studies addressing this issue. On the search for prebiotics/levodopa/Parkinsons I found the following article:

The Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Inducing Gut Immunity

"Second, we will highlight recent results from our group, which suggest a new dietary manipulation that includes the use of nutrient products (organic selenium and Lithothamnium muelleri) and probiotics (Saccharomyces boulardii UFMG 905 and Bifidobacterium sp.) that can stimulate and manipulate the gut immune response, inducing intestinal homeostasis."


Here is an older HU thread about proteins and how to make L-dopa work more effectively:


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