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Hi I know that we're getting new members all the time. And here is another site it might resonate with some of you. If it's not your cup of tea just disregard it but it's an interesting site for an alternative treatment. When I was diagnosed in the beginning it took me a long time to find different sites on the internet. Howard has a lot of good ideas and it's makes you think about Parkinson's and the possibility of a cure Mary

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  • "A lot of good ideas"??? Be wary... this 'Howard' guy has set up a convincing moneymaking apparatus for himself using a time worn formula:

    *A Good Story (delivered with all the persuasion of a good Jim Bakker/Jimmy Swaggart sermon);

    *A Product (a broad range of obscure books & videos made essential by aforementioned 'Good Story'... AND a "donation" page!),

    *Lofty Testimonials (all grammatically correct and similar in context/fervor - yet none of whom you will ever be able to contact/confirm... no forum)

    *A Target Customer (preferably desperate/vulnerable)

    Complex to follow (by design), and very costly with the endless books and VDOs needed to conform with the 'cover-every-possible-base' protocol. Look before you jump.

  • "Complex to follow (by design), and very costly with the endless books and VDOs needed to conform with the 'cover-every-possible-base' protocol. Look before you jump." ? The videos are all free and are certainly not costly. I don't know where you are getting this from. They are simple exercises that anyone can do.

  • Really? The sacred "Recipe for Recovery" regimen entails "Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Soul, Mind, Body Medicine, Chanting, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Yin Tui Na, a vegetarian diet, and many meditation/affirmation/prayer techniques" among others described in his book list.

    If you consider all this to be "simple exercises" that can be seamlessly slipped into your daily routine with minimal effort, you're FAR more magical, mystical, metaphysical that the usual run-of-the-mill terrestrial being. Best of luck on your magical mystery tour :D

  • You don't know what you are talking about. I did this regimen for 2 years. It takes a total of about 1 hour per day at the most to do all of the simple exercises. I did them first thing when I got out of bed. Additionally, a vegetarian diet is easy and should be done by everyone. Before you cut something down, you should do research on it. Now, whether it helps or not is reasonable to assume. I did better just doing theracycle, and leg exercises. Some people, it appears did better than me using his method.

  • Wrong. I've lived in SE Asia for just over 20 years, read, studied, practiced many of the diets and disciplines he includes in his magical repertoire and - although some have benefits - none prevent, stop, or reverse the misfolding of our alpha synuclein protein or the subsequent death of our DA neurons (although it may be because he forgot to include the "theracycle" and leg exercise).

  • I’ve been doing some of the „Recipe“ exercises regularly (daily) since my diagnosis almost 3 years ago. I haven’t recovered - surprise ;-) - but I’m doing pretty well and I’m drug free.

    There is absolutely no cost involved! All the information is there for free.

    I don’t think Howard is a scammer, but I do believe that he was probably misdiagnosed. (Same goes for the „testimonials“.)

    Nevertheless, the exercises are good exercises that make sense from a traditional western (medical) point of view, too - IMHO. In PD I think you can’t go wrong with meditation, stretching, breathing exercises, trunk rotation exercises and squats. I am not following the full „Recipe“, but it gave me a good starting point to develop my own plan.

    Some of his „spiritual“ content is good, too. Was one of the resources that helped me change my thinking and make life (with PD) easier.

    I certainly understand your skepticism, however, I think that sometimes we just need a little bit of illusion to keep us going ;-) As long as you’re not harming yourself or anyone else I think there’s nothing wrong with occasionally wearing those rose-colored glasses.

  • Eureka, you are doing great, and you have summarized the plan and said it so well. You don't have to do all of it and I think it's still going to help. Your mind is the biggest organ of them all. I am reading the brain storms right now end the author mentions that it is unexplained why some people go into this long-term remission. Howard shifkey mentions that his mother had Parkinson's so I am assuming that he knew what he was looking for when he got his diagnosis.

    His site is uplifting. Mary

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