Good and bad days?

Some days I have good energy and I get over ambitious and make commitments that I cannot keep on a bad day. I would like to volunteer and do more socializing but when the day comes I get very anxious. I do drive but even a little bad weather scares me since I drive very slowly and annoy whoever is behind me. Is it better to not commit in the first place? I also struggle with doing everything more slowly.

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  • I am very careful now about what commitments I make. I have to protect myself from anxiety.

  • Me also. Why do commitments make us anxious?

    I go to the gym daily and smile. I guess I have developed an addiction. That helps.

    Of course, most don't smile back and that's another story.


  • PD hasn't stopped me from doing things, but it has slowed me down. You don't want to necessarily quit making commitments, just choose them more carefully & if it's possible, let the people that you make commitments to know about your situation so they don't expect as much out of you. If you lay down & give up on the things you like to do, you'll only get worse. Keep moving & keep fighting! Never give up!

  • The anxiety is crippling. I asked my neurologist for beta blockers but he wouldn't give me any. I think if we could control the anxiety we would have a better chance to control the PD.

  • Stress makes everything worst for me.

  • Once I started Xadago my anxiety went away and I had it pretty bad.

  • Lately, I force myself to do whatever I had committed to, but I don't commit to do things that require a "long" drive. I get anxiety ridden too, but I was making too much of a habit of backing out of things at the last minute.

  • Good days and Bad days, I think it is past.

    I had said to myself, I hope it wont last.

    I would wake and know that today will be great

    It allowed me to plan, join in, participate

    but now is not like 3 hours from now

    and now is not like 3 hours ago

    I lay on top of my bed fully dressed

    I so wanted to go, I had every detail addressed

    I looked forward for weeks to going to this

    My wife will explain I fell into the abyss.

    Maybe after a nap

    If I had the right music I think I could rap

  • Well said GymBag!

  • I wish there were a way to lower my stress levels. I'm amazed at how small things that I wouldn't have thought stressful in the past increase my dyskinesia. Like this week when I went to a friend to get my hair cut - it should be so simple but I was swaying throughout. And such experiences increase my anxiety about taking part in new activities.

  • A large cat or medium size dog will do the trick. Don't spend a lot on some purebred , combinations are better . Oh and get a female. Maybe take it on a trial basis.

  • this is the story of my life too, and no one understands what we folks with pd go through unless you have pd. Today is a cold rainy day in South Carolina, and I am forcing myself to go to the gym because I know it is the right thing to do! Have a good day!

  • Thanks, Carolinagirl1123, you also! It's snowing again so day two of not going anywhere, but I have my yoga and Qigong utubes and DVD's and will walk in the snow for a bit. Last year, when I was still working and had almost an hour commute, I was almost paralyzed by anxiety every time snow or the dreaded "wintry mix" was forecast. This year I remind myself that I am free to NOT have to drive! Being connected with you and other folks here is helpful beyond belief.

  • Hi, this is my first post.I've been diagnosed with pd for about 12yrs, but think have had it long before then. I have always suffered from severe anxiety but lately do to difficulty with swallowing and fear of being embarrassed if eating out, my social life seems to be getting less and less. As said in other posts you start to put off making plans, even trip to theatre I worry I will start coughing and annoy others. My wife does her best to get me to go out and drives for me as I no longer can, I am 82 this month and really wish could feel more positive. friends are aware of how I am but with the best will in the world anxiety and negativity does drain people and put them off asking me out.

  • Wondering if a support group would gradually get you into the social milieu? Doesn't have to be PD related.


  • Am member of local PD group but not find it really helps as surprising how many events and meetings involve eating which as have problem swallowing just adds to anxiety. Also member of local U3 A, never having been much of a group person do not find group therapy helps much, I have attended groups to help anxiety but not helped.

  • I completely understand your fear of driving in bad weather, my boyfriend does not like driving much at all anymore due to his slow movement. It is a very tough disease to cope with!

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