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I began having a slight tremor 2.5 years ago and neuro doc diagnosed probable PD 1.5 years ago. Some progression since. No meds, taking supplements, interested in mucuna. I am 60 yrs old female with 20 years of depression and anxiety, makes it hard to do organized research and find a path forward. I take a cocktail of antidepressants, unfortunately, which limits my options on PD meds. Anyone else dealing with antidepressants and PD? Mucuna while on antidepressants?. I exercise daily and see a functional medicine doc.

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  • I am interested in Mucuna and take 2 caps a day Mucuna Now products from the health food shop. I wish there was a doc. that would treat with Macuna as I have to guess. There is a book that is very helpful. Mucuna Versus Parkinsons. Treatment with Natural Levodopa, by Rafael Maldonado Gonzalez that explains everything but again you really need a Doc. to help. I also take siniment 25/100 4 x a day and CBD at night helps sleeping and anxiety. I have no anxiety now hope this helps.

  • What helped with your anxiety? This is my greatest challenge at present. CBD?

  • Since you're not taking any meds, you may qualify for the PPMI study through the Michael J Fox Foundation. If accepted, you will have excellent access to all kinds of medical resources. It's certainly worth exploring. Go to Fox Trial Finder and follow their directions. Best wishes!

  • Hi Rebtar. My Pd symptoms started in 1963. I started with several Pd symptoms before I was first diagnosed with depression in the mid-seventies. They treated me for depression with no improvement right up to the time I was diagnosed with Pd in 1992. Only when I started doing fast walking in 1994 did my depression start to get better, as did most of my other symptoms.

    If you want ot find out more, it is too long a story to tell you in this blog and it annoys other people. So make contact with me on my website and at no cost to yourself I will tell you all about it.

    I am now living a normal life at the age of 82 and have been medication-free for 14 years. I take no medications anymore for blood pressure, depression, constipation, insomnia or Pd! Why not take the trouble to find out how?

  • John, I am familiar with your story and went to your recent event in berkeley. I will contact you.

  • Thanks Rebtar

  • yes-female, tremor began 2.5 yrs ago, diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago, progression since, no meds, taking supps, exercise daily, seeing a functional dr, tried macuna. Yup, thats me, except 49 yrs old and not on antidepressants... wow, so similar!

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