I have had three really bad falls in 2016 and I don't know how many minor falls. The last bad one was the day after Christmas in the Parking lot at the movies with my granddaughter. I really scared the poor kid. We were rushing to the car because it was cold and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I hurt my right side pretty bad and it is currently various shades of purple and blue on my arm, knee and hip. It's always my right side!!!!!! Luckily my bone density is good, but geese it still hurts! When will I learn not to try to rush! I don't know. I know falling can be dangerous.

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  • I think you learned your lesson. Be careful.

  • You have to raise your level of consciousness. Be aware of the conditions you are encountering and have the mentality that you are at risk.

    When you walk fast with your grandchild on a slick surface. falling is imminent.

    Be aware!


  • Yes...good advice...now if I would only listen! Sometimes I just forget I have a problem.

  • I suggest you get a U-stepII Expensive but Medicare covers it, if you have that. It can really make you safer if you use it. Sorry about your fall. I am still debating wether to try to get my husband to use a helmet, thing is he would want to wait until the falls get worse, and that is the trouble by the time it gets worse it may be too late for the helmet. Hope you feel better.

  • Theresa, I am trying to understand the cause of your falls. "[T]he next thing I knew I was on the ground" sounds like you had a loss of consciousness. Was that the case, or was it a misplaced foot, tremor, loss of balance, etc.? It seems to me understanding the detail is needed in order to know how to avoid a recurrence.

  • Amen!!!

  • Oh sorry to have given you the wrong impression park_bear, what I meant was the fall happens so quickly not that I lost consciousness. The cause is always a miss step or tripping over my own feet or something like that. If I walked more consciously the falls would not happen I'm sure, but like I said, I forget I have a problem when I'm caught up in life.

  • Thanks for the clarification. What happens to us in PD is things we used to do automatically and take for granted are no longer necessarily the case. I have had this kind of problem sometimes with regard to biting the inside of my mouth ( bear + food = feeding frenzy ; -). What is needed is to slow down and make extra effort to bring these movements to awareness.

  • You are so right, but like I said when I get caught up in life I forget I have to think about what I'm doing. My granddaughter and I were rushing to the car because it was so cold. Another fall that was bad was when my husband was waiting for me in the car and I had to get somethings from the house and I was rushing. This time I fell going up two steps from my living-room to the foyer and landed on the slate floor of the foyer hard. I know if only I didn't rush these things would not happen. Another not too bad fall that happened a couple of months ago was when I was rushing to go to the bathroom while I was at the movies and I fell into a woman sitting down. Luckily neither of us got hurt. Just FYI I take my granddaughters to the movies at least twice a month. We all love the day out, movie, shopping, restaurant, home.

  • Denial

    If you have fallen that much it would be expected that by now you would use a cane or use a walker to keep your balance.

    I bet that you do not

    Good bone density will not stop you from breaking a hip, you are not bouceable

  • Yeah I don't use a cane. Might start to though.

  • Yes, you should be careful especially if it's icy or wet - but I'm glad that you are sometimes able to forget that you have PD.

  • Do you trip or overbalance. Or a bit of both. You should be able to find exercises that specifically target the problems. Tai chi is very good for balance. Nordic walking or fast cycling can improve the gait.

    One of my early symptoms long before diagnosis was tripping unexpectedly which I thought was the toe of my shoe coming loose and tripping me where as it was the reverse - I was dropping my toe tripping and pulling the sole of my shoe away.at the toe I currently have to be very careful with stairs because I often misjudge and catch the heel of my right foot - the one that used to drop at the toe.. I fell or rather bounced on my rear end the full length of the stairs last Autumn.

    No bones broken but provoked a return of hip problems and stopped me doing as much of the essential PD exercise for the best part of six months. So take care. Mr..P is a sneaky old b.....r

  • Yes, your description is what happens to me, though I have never bounced down stairs. I tend to fall more tripping walking up stairs.

  • Perspective

    There is some thing(s) likely going on in your mobility routine associated with you falling. As a PWP, anticipate that I can expect tp hve to adapt to remain moble.Safe mobility is adressed in detail in Kevin Lo ckette,s MOVE IT! Physical Therrapy Program. Available DVD and ebook.

    Goggle to locate.


  • Theresa, I fell recently in my kitchen and cracked two ribs and hurt my ankle. I am going to ask my doctor to give me an order for PT for balance. I have had this kind of therapy before. About two years ago. That helped my balance for at least a year and a half. The therapy is fun and really trains your brain to stay balanced. I guess I just need a refresher every once in awhile. Also all my meds have stickers on them that say "may cause dizziness ". No wonder we fall. I would check on this PT if I were you.

    Happy New Year to everyone!


  • My husband sees his neurologist every 6 months, and it is rare for him to get through two examinations without needing physical and occupational therapy (PT/OT). He has needed to call for an extra appointment a time or two when his balance started getting off again. The therapy is extremely helpful for him, not only for his body but also his cognitive thought. They have gotten pretty creative in their exercises. I don't know enough about you to make suggestions specific to your issues, but the PT/OT could be helpful. Have you informed your neurologist about the falls?

  • I agree 100%


  • Just slow down - it works for me.

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