Red wine makes my husband fall?

My husband has PD he loves his Red wine!

He laid off it the last two months, but had two glasses today to relax. But he has fallen three times today In home so I guess it's not okfor everyone. He was on that horrible medication for PD also and got worse. Felt sick all the time! Stubburn won't use walker or cane I'm a stressed mess. What to do? Please

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  • Give it up!

  • What do you mean by "'that horrible medication"?

    How long did he take it for?

  • He took for a month once Dr said he was in stage two or three. It made him so sick to stomach, dizzy, and shuffled feet worse

  • I would probably fall after 2 glasses of red wine too, and I don't have PD. It's probably a contra-indication b/t alcohol and the meds but just a hunch.

  • I would ask him if he wants to enjoy his wine or spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair after he breaks his bones in a fall. Seems simple to me. I don't touch the stuff any more.

  • I did exactly that and he got smart and never again. Had to learn the hard way that PD and wine or booze don't mix. I was surprised to read all the people here still drink with no problems

    Thank you

  • I enjoy a dry red wine in the evenings, but I limit to a half a glass. More than that sets me off-kilter.

  • Did your husband go back to the doctor and tell him or her about the nausea? It is common to experience this at the start but there are ways of overcoming it, depending on which country you live in.

    If he can get that sorted he might very well be able to drink in moderation when the meds are working well.

  • Most red wines contain Tyramine which doesn't mix well with Azilect. It can cause sudden spikes in blood pressure. It's also in other foods that are fermented and aged cheeses. Look up a list of foods with Tyramine. I switched to white wine. Just like everything else with PD, everyone reacts differently.

  • I am DX 2 years ago. Taking Azlect and Siniment and have been able to continue to enjoy red wine without a problem. However, more than 4 glasses in the evening causes me to have a "slight" problem walking. 🙃

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