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Free Parkinsons books on Kindle/Amazon

Merry Christmas to all my fellow PWP's. Creative writing has been a useful diversion for so many of us. My 3 books are offered for free for the next 5 days on Kindle/Amazon. (You can download a free Kindle app for your PC)

#1 King David, Parkinson's First Hero... A 60 page book that makes a case that King David asked to have Parkinson's disease and it played a role in his prolific writings and legacy.

#2 Adolf Hitler, Parkinson's Man of Evil. Yes, Hitler had Parkinson's and it likely played a role in his demise and that of Germany

#3 Midnight in Florence: Splattered by Inferno, Sprinkled by Faulkner. An aspiring author encounters numerous characters from the past as he deals with the present. He discovers that the Medici of Renaissance Italy had a crippling disease that led to immobility not unlike Parkinson's.

These books can be obtained directly through Amazon or via my website.



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Will do. Thanks!


I just read almost all of Midnight in Florence (while on my stationary bike) and recommend it highly. This is clever, well-written and food for thought. I mean really really clever! Thanks for writing this. I'm eager to read them all.


Not bad. Have you seen Inferno. It was filmed while I was in Florence writing my book. Tom Hanks made this story but he is not likely to include it in his resume


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