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I have been taking CBD for a few months and it has helped. I take 12 drops before going to bed and I sleep better. Its only 100mg and I wondered if a higher dosage like 400 or 500mg would work better. What brand is best? Any advice on taking this would be appreciated. I also take 25/100 siminet 4x a day and 2 macuna a day. But lately have not been feeling as good. I also do rock solid boxing which works as well.

Thanks for any help

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Love CBD Oil for sleep! I take 3 droppers full which helps me sleep solidly!!

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Good evening. My husband takes Charlotte's Web Everyday Advance and it is 5000mg. We buy this from Stanley Brothers in Colorado. It is expensive. He takes it twice a day and it last for a month. He also takes CBN capsules (two at night) by Mary's Medicine also from Colorado two hours before bed. This puts him to sleep for the night. He hasn't been diagnosed with PD, but he has had REM sleep disorder and restless leg syndrome for over 10 years, which seems to be a pre-curser for PD. There are probably some more warning signs of PD if we look closer as he ages. This combination allows him to stay off the seizure medicine they use to prescribe to him and no side effects.

I can't say enough about these two products and medical marijuana. He sleeps thru the night, he is happier and the anxiety that seem to take over much of his life is at bay. Any questions write me back.


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