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My Experience:

After 2 months taking 0.18 miligram of Pramipexole 3 times daily + Amantadine 100, 3 times daily and levodopa/carbi 100/10 every 3 hours

I had horrible dreams at night, felt bad sore in my eyes, too much sensitive to light even I wasn't able to look at my laptop's monitor with low light and sunglasses it was like I was looking at the sun!.

I decided to stop using peramipexol immediately because of untolerable sore in my eyes; after first day not taking it I suffered the strongest and longest diskinesia in my entire life: 6 hours a day every day for the duration of 1 week....

It coused a lot of pain and disabilities when I suddenly stopped using it.

my eyes condition are now good after 2 monthes not taking it but it was a horrible experience of using Pramipexole for me.

Now I'm Using Madopar (Levodopa+Benserazide)250Mg every 3 hours and Amantadine 100 capsules, 2 times daily Vit B1 300Mg once daily and vit D3 50000 once a week.

No Pramipexole anymore.

It made me so weak.

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