The Fight Against Parkinson's Disease

Most of you on this site know I’ve been doing Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) for 10 years now. This is a non-contact boxing program that also incorporates balance, strength and endurance exercises. It’s not your “normal” boxing program because everyone there has PD just like you. You can go there and workout and not feel like everyone is wondering what is wrong with you because they feel the same and you can talk about those feelings just like you do on this website. There are 4 different levels from someone just diagnosed to someone in a wheelchair.

RSB was featured on HBO this week. Please watch this inspiring 6 min. video to see what it’s all about and how it has helped hundreds of PwP’s. My symptoms have progressed somewhat, but for being diagnosed 13 yrs. ago, most people cannot tell I have PD. With this program and a few meds, I have been able to improve the way I feel and help slow the progression. RSB has been able to reach out to hundreds of PwP’s because neurologists are seeing how it’s helping their patients and they are encouraging them to join. I know this program isn’t for everyone, but I also know from my own personal experience as well as others, that it truly works. Exercise in general helps, but this for strictly for PwP’s which is a big plus. If you don’t believe me, watch the video and see what you think.

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  • Okay, that's all I needed to get me back to that program. Thanks for posting it!

  • Thank you for posting

  • Yow! Yes! Outstanding!!

    Does Scott go every day?

  • He goes to a different location than I do now so I don't see him often. I did talk to him at the 10th anniversary celebration in October & he was doing well. He gave an excellent presentation. He's a very smart & confident man & also has a humorous side. He's like family.

  • How about you? How often do you go?

  • I go 3 times a week most of the time, sometimes 2, sometimes 4. I rarely miss unless I'm on vacation & then I usually walk. I can tell a difference when I don't go. Are you still going? Remind me of what state you live in?

  • California. I haven't been going enough. I can feel other symptoms creeping up and I hate it! I need three times a week I think.

  • Keep it up Beckey! See the comments from others below. Also, you'll feel better & see progress with 3 times a week. My brother lives in La Verne, CA & teaches in Azusa. Are you near there?

  • That's in L.A. Thanks for the pep talk. I needed that!

  • @laglag, We got our local gym Rocksteady certified about 6 weeks ago. At present, they only have sessions 2 times a week. Many times I do not feel like going as I am too stiff and sore. But the next day I am so loose and flexible, it is hard to believe. My Dr tells me that I am moving faster as well. We are growing rapidly through word of mouth.

    I am very excited to have the Rocksteady gym close by.

  • I started RSB about 2 months ago and believe it is the reason I hav'nt got worse. I was blessed to find it had opened in my area and was the first person to sign up. My trainer is wonderful, patient, dedicated and caring. If anyone is looking for RSB check on line. I am in the Brandon, Riverview, Plant City, Florida and surrounding areas. Get the word out it will help.

  • We really need this to come to the U.K.

  • Madge

    I think you will find a number of programmes in the UK, just use different names. PUK staff should be able to help

  • Thanks for attaching these articles. In reference to the 1st article, Bob & I have communicated several times concerning our boxing programs. He is an inspiration for sure!

  • I'm doing the PD Warrior programme which has arrived in the uk from Australia and I'm really enjoying it and I've noticed a real improvement in how I am physically.

  • Thanks@stevie3! Hopefully @MadgeB will see this message. I have heard good things about PD Warrior as well.

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