N A C again

I like what I have heard about NAC so looked online at Amazon UK, its a better site than the one here in Spain, the choice was so varied in type, size, quantity and price I gave up and turned to you all on this site.

What if anything is the difference between loose powder and capsules, is 600 mg a good starting dose. If taken how soon does ne notice an effect?

The medication so far is 25.250 Sinimet 6 x 24h, 1 amantadine, 1 fludrocoritisona and 1 24h Excelon patch

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  • I take 600 mg in capsule form twice a day - find it effective

  • Thanks Stevie3, what made you decide to start taking NAC?

  • The initial research reports look promising. There don't appear to be any downsides (risks) and it's relatively cheap and easy to get, so I felt it worth a go. I've been taking if for more than a year and after taking it for some weeks, I noticed an overall improvement in my health. As I've said before, it's difficult to tell if it slows the progress of PD - because I don't know what I'd be like if I didn't take it. I also take Inosine and other bits and pieces, plus I do the PD warrior exercise programme. Now that, I know, makes a difference because if I slacken up on the exercise I am not so good. In terms of medication, I'm on 1mg aziclet and 6mg ropinirole.

  • Hi stevie3, what brand do you buy?

  • Either Swanson or Holland and Barrett own brand.

  • Thank you!

  • I take 1 capsule of 600mg a day. It will take a few weeks to work and you will probably get a dry mouth for a while, which seems to sort itself out after a few months. Stick it out until you finish the bottle (of 100).

    I am a big fan of it.

  • What condition did they prescribe fludrocoritisona for?

  • Very low blood pressure (orthostatic hypotension) he has always had low BP but once PD took hold he was passing out when ever he stood still, I have recorded 53/35, the doc said nothing they could do so after some research I badgered them until this was prescribed, it has made a remarkable difference, he still passes out if stood to long but not so often and the BP is up to acceptable levels.

  • I've been taking 600mg NAC, 2x daily, for a year. Wont go without it! Was thrilled when the NAC study was released, that I had been doing something right!!

  • Woud u happen to know of a link to that study

  • search this website for 'go get your NAC, people'. That post has a lot of useful info... (the study came out 6 months ago)

  • I found NAC in 500 mg capsules would that be a good start? Do u ask ur dr before taking it ?

  • What is NAC and what does it used for please.?

  • Hi Gwennie, I found a huge amount of information regarding NAC on this site, just put the name in the search box, others are far better explaining than me, we havent started using it yet but lots of others have.

  • Thanks

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