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Hoping for some shoe advice


Greetings--I just joined and this is my first post. My dad has PD and has recently moved to an assisted facility with institutional, short, hard carpet. He is used to wearing slip on moccasins, but, on this carpet, he says they "stick," making it even harder to walk. He does have the shuffling gait and drags his feet. So, I am interested in any advice on what kinds of shoes might help. Thanks so much!

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Welcome to the group. It is rather difficult to give advice with so little knowledge of the patient but his problem is a familiar one to PWP. Does he have any special problems such as tinea pedis (flat feet) or plantar faceitis? Is he underweight or overweight? Slender people, especially those with PD, often experience discomfort from having nothing but skin to cushion the impact of heel or "ball" with a hard floor. This makes it easier to give in to shuffling or dragging the feet instead of walking "heel-toe" as is normal. Your father is conditioned to wearing moccasins so he most likely has been walking flatfooted without arch support. If they do help him they are available in all sizes and shapes. Also available are foam or rubber inserts in various thicknesses, which can improve comfort. I prefer to make my own inserts, using high quality pile floor carpet which provides the bones in your feet with the best possible cushion. You indicated ,your dad is having trouble with the hard, sticky carpet at his facility , Moccasins were invented to slide smoothly and silently in the forest, but apparently not in a residential facility. The institutional flooring you describe is a problem.. For a temporary solution you might try the "slip-over" light plastic shoe covers used by athletes to protect their athletic shoes when they must leave the court or arena. Personally I prefer wearing bowling shoes. They have smooth leather soles and a smooth solid leather heel which allows me to practice walking "heel-toe" and ,so far, keep the "Parkie Shufffle at bay. Give your dad our best wishes

Hi, what are bowling shoes Ronn? Any link to see some?

Personally I find it difficult to put on sleepers, socks, shoes that require my hands to help putting them on! Then if I use those that don't require hands to put on they become unsafe to walk with! Also my left shoes cannot be fabric as my toes make a hole in it!

Shoes is a tough subject too often ignored by Drs!

Good luck helping your Dad, my best to all

I put extra-large band-aids on the soles of my shoes for such situations.

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