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Do you know of a place to see all the treatment options for Parkinson's?


I have searched the web and all the treatments seem to be all over the place. I have decided to create a resource so that we can discuss all treatment option with our doctors - please have a look here if you are interested:

Also, do let me know if something like this already exists!

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Someone of the participants here long ago listed everything known that certainly helped. The list was inclusive, even stuff like hot showers

Recommend you expand your cattegory beyond medicine and supplements to include opportunities to include those available considering a broader Mind-Body Perspective.

For example, the MayoiClinic has a large Integrative Medicine Program, which includes Guidd Imagery , Hyonopsis , spiritually, Meditian, tai chi, Relaxation Programs, Acupuncture, massage theapy, spinal manipulation, and wellness. In the area of Neuroplasticity.there numerous opportunities.


Here are 5 pages of all the essentials:

Thanks for all the replies! I guess I'm more inclined to look into evidence-based treatments / potential cures even though I'm sure the other holistic approaches work, it would be hard to recommend these without some way of telling the good ones from the bad...

Anyway, the idea would be to have a place where the information is always up-to-date with all the latest information, including new studies that come out everyday, making sense of it all for patients in an simple to understand digest - do you think this could be a good idea?

Great idea! Now separate the wheat from the chaff. Since it is generally admitted that there is no known cure, anything goes.

I think this is a good idea. I wouldn't mind seeing things broken down into a concise short explanation that I might have the patience to read. There is so much that I just don't bother with. I am waiting for the big headline.

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It is a good idea that would be very useful. It is also a full time job that could last for many years and of course it would be obsolete. JRR Tolkien wrote some short stories as well as Lord of the Rings. Suggest that you read "Leaf by Niggle" It is about a hobbit who is making an oil painting of a tree, but he is a perfectionist and spends a life time painting it.

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"a perfectionist and spends a life time " waiting for the big headline


You could sift through all we have discussed right here and we won't even charge you a monthly fee! Bear in mind that, as we always say, what works for some may not work for all.

There is a lit of treatment information on

Looks nice - do you use the site? Do you like it?

I haven’t got involved in teams but I find the QA section very good. A lot of useful discussion.

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