Change in meds

Change in meds

Hello dear friends;

I find myself in a peculiar situation.

Some of you know that i have been greatly challanged by dizziness.

Nobody seem to know what the problem was.

I saw a new neurologist a few weeks ago. After spending one hour with me testing and talking, he said: You don't look nor act like someone with PD. Hesaid he would not say I do not have it.But he said, let's do this. Cut back on one does of carbidopa/levadopa. I was taking 4 doses of it 10/100.

The first day I cut out the first dose, the dizziness was gone and has stayed gone!! Hallelujah!!

Howeveer, my feet are not working well, until i take my first dose of carb/lev.

I would rather have a clear head and work on my walking.

My mood is great! I feel well.

Shakes have never been a problem.

What am i to think?

Peace, Eva G :

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  • Think you have PD. That is if you have the classic symptoms.

  • Just a thought, Eva. But had you taken your meds when you saw him? My point being, that I don't feel or act like someone with PD when I've taken my ropinirole - but the other day, I forgot and by the middle of the day I did feel like someone with PD. I guess with meds there's always a trade off and it's our choice which trade we make. I, too, value a clear head above all things.


  • stevie3

    Trying to think back to that day,I believe I had taken all my meds before I saw the neurologist. It was late in the day though, so I was tired.

    I don't know what to think. I have something. I like the suggestion of just calling PD a Neurological condition.

    If I take levadopa in the morning, i still get dizzy right away.

    So that is coming to an end. I will work out the walking!!

    Love, Eva G. :)

  • Are you still on the Wahls protocol? Maybe that is having a positive effect? Maybe your PD symptoms are reducing?

  • jeanette2372 Yes I am, and I am positive that helps :)



  • Wahl's Protocol? Please explain.

  • Boyce3600

    Look it up on YouTube.

    You will be amazed.

  • Good news about your dizziness.

    What was it that made the previous neuro diagnose you with pd Eva?

  • Hikoi

    It was my PD that diagnosed me doing the levadopa test. The symptoms went away!

    By the way Hikoi, I do not believe there is such a thing as an incurable condition.

    I call it a condition and putting a little work into it, and know we can get back to balance, we can!!

    It is actually all in the mind.

  • You know i have a different opinion and i dont believe that diseases or conditions are all in the mind. I know that gives you hope so hold on to it but for me it leads to self blame when i dont improve. I thank the Lord for medicine to keep me functioning.

  • Hikoi I know what you mean about the self-blame. I still work at it though :)

  • Hikoi,

    No self-blame, just a lesson in this lifetime. Mary

  • Eva, very glad you're not dizzy anymore, that had to be hard to deal with.

  • laglag

    It was miserable!☹️

  • My mom has been struggling with dizziness and other issues for years. Her Neuro had her chg her dosage of sinemet alot. She was taking 6 25/100 Sinemet a day at last count. She has not been functional for months. What was always peculiar to me was that mom only scores a 7 on the Parkinsons scale. We were getting no help from her Neurologist so we went to a new one a week ago. He doesn't think she has Parkinsons. He weaned her off to see how she is off the meds. She is doing so much better off of that poison. Unbelievable!

  • Bsaggio

    That is unbelievable!! Your poor mother!!!

    We just simply need to take the matter into our own hands, and seek help where we feel we may get some honest answers!!So glad your mother is doing better!!

    Did the neuro suggest what to take instead of Sinemet???

  • He put her on the neupro patch but she felt even worse so she stopped it this weekend. She has not taken anything for three days and all of her symptoms are gone except the dizziness. She feels almost normal again.

  • Bsaggio

    That is great!

    Please keep us up to date on her progress??

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