Ingesting potentially toxic non-foods as a toddler a pre- cursor for developing Juvenile On-set Parkinson's

As a toddler I used to get up to all sorts of mischief apparently and was forever putting strange things in my mouth and then proceeding to ingest them. The list includes eating soil and sand ,drinking some brake fluid I found , licking a paint brush clean of emulsion paint and sucking the pink phosphorus from every single match in a box of matches. These are all things that have been recounted to me. If the genetic form of Parkinson's is triggered by chemicals perhaps this is why i developed the condition aged 7 . I began on Sinemet aged 9.

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  • Most likely it was the chemicals that you ate most people would have died.

  • I was sent to the casualty department at my local hospital to have my stomach pumped a couple of times

  • An old Pastor of mine told us of an account were his daughter had sucked the insides of a catapilar out. He called the poison control center and the response on the other side of the phone was eugh, that is gross. Yes I know proclaimed my pastor, do I need to take her to the Hospital? She then proceeded to tell him that there are no poisonous catapilars in our area, but it was still gross.

    Just remembered that when you talked about the stuff you ate a child.

  • Sure, smart people know you have to take risks to achieve a world record (such as "earliest known onset of Parkinson's.") But your level of foresight and planning was unusual for a toddler!

  • I dont think i am the youngest ..there are a handful younger than me i think

  • How are you doing now? How much medication are you taking and which ones? Do you have the tremor dominant form? So many questions, hope you don't mind. I know early onset is completely different from late onset with a completely different prognosis and course.

  • I don't mind at all I take Amantadine 100mg x 2 and 62.5mg dispersible Madopar cut in half up to 8 times a day . I don't have much of a tremor

  • That's with DBS or something similar right?

  • Yeah , I had DBS over 10 years ago

  • battery replacements go well with your DBS?

  • yes thanks , ive been able to reduce my meds even more !

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