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Parkinsons and Acid Reflux

I suffer with acid reflux which I am finding almost impossible to control. I have had Parkinsons for a number of years. This has been controlled well by medication. That is until recently when meds for Reflux were added to my cocktail of drugs. These new drugs stop my Parkinson drugs from working. This is frustrating to say the least. Has anyone found themselves in a similar situation? I have tried playing around with the times I take my medication, but nothing seems to work. My GP has been brilliant, but there just not seem to be an answer.

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Hi I suffer with acid reflux especially bad sometimes at night. Tried everything nothing works. I have today gone to a Homeopathy who did lots of allergy test ..... results were that wheat. coffee. tomatoes. onions. oranges and citric fruits are a no no . Have some tablets to take to put good bacteria back. I am going to try and see if it makes a difference... Hopefully will see if it improves by leaving these foods out. Will let you know if it works, it's a horrible thing to have to put up with.

Wishing you well


I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia which was causing reflux. I've been on Lansoprazole since then, and I've had good results with no adverse effects.


Have you tried taking something natural for your reflux, Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders.


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