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Went to see my doctor for my six month check up for my heart. I was 120/60. I am never that low.

I should tell you that prior to entering his office, this woman smiled at me in the waiting room. Of course, I smiled back. I will say that I entered his office in a different mood then I usually do.

I should tell you that this Woman had her teeth gone and must have been in her upper 90s. A kinder face you will never see

I wonder what this experience did to my blood pressure. It certainly added to the quality of my day.

Maybe you can find one or two.


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  • That is cool. I do think that a smile is contagious and it can have good effects on the body.

  • Fjohn1

    Thank you for sharing this delightful story!!

    I am sure her friendly and kind face and smile did a lot

    to bring your bloodpressure down!!

    This is why I think we smile at everybody, even when we don't

    feel like it. We never know what people are dealing with, and your smile may bring someones BP down!! :)

    In loving kindness, Eva Gabrielle :)

  • What if they don't return the smile? I guess it's worth the risk.

    This one is for you, Eva Gabrielle.


  • Fjohn1

    It does not matter if they smile back or not.

    Your blessing is in giving the smile :)

    :) :) :)

  • Have we broken PD? I mean can we now ever sink to the depths that we fear?

    You should have seen her face when she received my smile. Heck, you should have seen my face when I gave her mine.


  • Maybe we can find one or two?!? Unfortunately there's a shortage of toothless old ladies in their upper 90s in my neighborhood. Guess I'm outta luck...

  • Nothing left to do but smile at the man in the mirror.

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