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Help needed - slightly off-topic

I got the following plea for help on Messenger. Can anyone give any info?

Angela are you aware of a company selling Parkinson's disease bracelets on facebook if so do you know if anyone purchasing these bracelets have received them as I purchased two in march and have not yet obtained them the so called company keeps fobbing me off I also have Parkinson's thank you

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You've been had. Sorry to hear your story, but scam artists write to me nearly every day. I'm pretty quick with the delete button.


Turn them in at your state attorney general's fraud division.


May not be connected but this was posted by a member here onanother site.

"Yesterday I heard on Radio 4 about a new industry in Moldova. One particular town was growing rich on it.

The industry? Posting completely fabricated 'news stories' on Facebook and suckering people in to likeing and sharing them.

Lies about the candidates US election were flavour of the month but it will be something else soon I'm sure.

The originators of the lies get paid per visit because of the advertising that accompanies them.

So, please beware of believing every sensationalist thing you read on Facebook. I am not sure about those quizzes that people do or the pseudo Christian pleas for prayers for people in dire straits but just be wary."


I bought a medical alert bracelet from a company called Lauren's Hope! I love it and it doesn't look like I am disabled when I wear it.

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I ordered one a few years ago and got it right away. I would contact them again and then write a post on Fb for anyone to not order from them and why.


Medic Alert, a national organization produces bracelets that alert EMTs and others of your condition including required medications. If I felt the need to provide this information (when unconscious or unable to communicate) I opt for that. Sounds like you are dealing with an illegitimate organization. Perhaps you could name them and your experience with them so others are warned.


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