In a previous post alcohol and its effect was mentioned and I am curious how it affects other people with PD. I used to really enjoy a glass or two of Prosecco or beer. I don't drink anymore at all. Like so much with PD it is hard to explain how it makes me feel but I will try; depressed, tired, slightly sick and very sober. You can see why I don't drink. That's not exactly a good sales pitch. Does it benefit others of you? Does anybody have the same experience as me?

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  • Hi Enidah

    I used to love my glass of vino. I have found that I can no longer tolerate it as it makes me feel sick and gives me very bad heartburn. I have tried white and red wine. The only drink I seem to be able to tolerate is whisky or brandy , but only in small quantities.

    I now just enjoy elderflower cordial sometimes I add sparkling water. Very refreshing.

  • Thank you for that suggestion. I may try it, sounds good.

  • So far wine has not been a problem for me. One of my Dr's told me if I drink wine drink Pinot Noir as it has the most resveratrol in it. So I am just following doctors orders.

  • My first Neuro, an expert on PD told me that in the past they treated PD with alcohol and also antihistamines with some success that was short lived. He suggested that Parkies were prime candidates for alcohol abuse,and for that reason doctors did not encourage its use. However one or two drinks a day would be OK but that I should watch closely for compulsive behavior. I have a beer with dinner if out with friends or barbecuing in the back yard and some times I split one with my wife, ( we did that long before PD came along). There is a definite positive effect , reducing shaking and freezing but after two beer I start to get drowsy and after three beer ready for a nap. All my older friends with or without PD no longer drink alcohol any where near the levels that they used to and they say it is age related.

  • I love a glass of proseco but now it seems to make me more unbalanced even after only one. I don't want people to think I'm drunk so I'm really cautious now about drinking at work functions etc. Just drink with old friends!

  • I'm just the opposite -- I'm afraid I look tipsy when I haven't been drinking!

  • The saying "everything in moderation " should be changed for Parkies to "everything at a minimum" one is enough, almost no matter what it is.

  • I just drank a flute of Prosecco myself! I do notice when I drink a glass of red wine, which I make it a point to do almost every evening, my tremor lessens.

  • I'm with you on that.

  • I just to like a drink previously. After PD, I have stopped drinking totally. It seems I have lost all taste for it. Weird....

  • I love a G & T early evening when I am waiting for my Sinemet to work - it relaxes me. I also have some wine with dinner with no ill effects. My view is anything that improves my quality of life is worth indulging in!

  • No longer enjoy wine unfortunately and especially red wine. This has been gradual. When first diagnosis i still enjoyed wine it wasnt a problem.

  • I kept drinking for almost two years after diagnosed with pd, but, about a month ago,I felt the same as you and stop drinking now.

  • I find alchol helps and still enjoy it especially socially. it is one time I actually feel normal.

  • Alcohol has lost most of its charms, sadly. I used to enjoy several pints once or twice a week bu I struggle with one nowadays. A glass of wine is OK, and I have a tot of whisky most evenings, but I must say that the effects of alcohol now are peculiar - that's to say I feel unusually sober! I do not drink to excess - it makes me unable to unbutton by clothing at bedtime!

  • I only drink when I know I don't have to drive. The only downfall for me is that I have really weird dreams!i

  • I have been drnking wine and other licors (mainly malt) for many years without being an alcoholc, never drunk nor problems from alcohol. Since Dx p.d. my tolerance to alcohol has totally diminished , I still take 2 cups of wine with dinner (mostly different types of reds) but I can't tolerate "hard" liquor. More than 2 cups start feeling tipsy. I still take my cup irregardles of my 6pm dose of C/I

  • Some wines contain chemicals that don't mix well with Levodopa e.g. Chianti. The best thing to do is research the "safe" wines and stick to them.

  • How do you research "safe wines"?

  • If I could still drink I would get right on that research of " safe wines."

  • I still enjoy a couple of glasses of wine in my opinion if you enjoy it then have it life is too short I haven't had any adverse effects as yet.

  • I am pleased to read that PD does not Ban a drink altogether...Now I will enjoy one without fear of repercussions with medics.....

  • When meds do nothing beer, just four or five ounces makes me feel normal like pre-diagnosis. Normal. In social situations it is a great help. Maybe because I am still on very low dose of meds, half a dinner two or three times a day.

  • I do envy all of you who can still enjoy a relaxing drink. Like in everything else, it's amazing different and we all are. I haven't even gotten into the effect marijuana has on me. It is much more negative than alcohol and I would never try it again. And yet it is very beneficial for many people.

  • I drink a small glass of margaritas occasionally in the evening hours after my last carbolevo dose. I feel some better.

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