Update on high b/p azilect and theanine in Gabba-Plex

About 3 months ago I was struggling to manage elevated b/p and to continue to take a Rx of Azilect and also to continue to take otc Gabba-Plex. Briefly, the history is that theanine in the Gabba-Plex increased the elevation of my b/p a common side-effect to Azilect. The update is that by taking just 1/2 mg Azilect in the wee hours of the morning, 3 am to 6 am I find I can take Gabba-Plex starting 6-8 hours after with no significant elevation of b/p. That is important to me because I found Gabba-Plex beneficial for my mood, memory, and ability focus on daily tasks. Also, when I am taking Gabba-Plex I find I need less Sinemet for some reason. Possibly because I sleep better, I do not know. Hopefully 1/2 mg Azilect is therapeutic.

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  • what is gabba plex

  • Search gamma amino butyric acid or Gaba-plex & Swansons. It's a Swanson's otc blend of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid and other things that appears to be capable of benefiting my mood.

  • Good news Buzz, hope you manage to get some sleep between the pill taking.

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