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Update on high b/p azilect and theanine in Gabba-Plex


About 3 months ago I was struggling to manage elevated b/p and to continue to take a Rx of Azilect and also to continue to take otc Gabba-Plex. Briefly, the history is that theanine in the Gabba-Plex increased the elevation of my b/p a common side-effect to Azilect. The update is that by taking just 1/2 mg Azilect in the wee hours of the morning, 3 am to 6 am I find I can take Gabba-Plex starting 6-8 hours after with no significant elevation of b/p. That is important to me because I found Gabba-Plex beneficial for my mood, memory, and ability focus on daily tasks. Also, when I am taking Gabba-Plex I find I need less Sinemet for some reason. Possibly because I sleep better, I do not know. Hopefully 1/2 mg Azilect is therapeutic.

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what is gabba plex

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Search gamma amino butyric acid or Gaba-plex & Swansons. It's a Swanson's otc blend of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid and other things that appears to be capable of benefiting my mood.

Good news Buzz, hope you manage to get some sleep between the pill taking.

Update on GABBA-PLEX. 8 moths ago I was taking Azilect, so I quit Gabbba-plex due to high bp effect. Eventally I also quit Azilect, the Sinemet too for I had discovered natural therapies that suited my need for symptom relief. However, I discontinued to use GABBA-Plex after I took some at the same time as a few capsules of natural sourced products and went into hard tremors for a few hours. Recently, I was loking at all the bttles of GABBA-PLEX in the pantry and I had a brain storm. I wondered whether the hard spasms were caused by the GABBA-PLEX or something ellllllse or just the GABA-PLEX accentuating the L DOPA to a higher than desirable point (I had noticed that while on Sinemet I needed less Sinemet if I took GABBA-PLEX). So today (2 hours after lunch) I took Mucuna Pruriens, Quercetin/Bromeain, Vit C. When I was feeling a bit dissapointed over an hour later by the rather poor benefit I was getting, I took a cap of GABBA-Plex to risk an experiment. My mood raised as it used to and I got a little more tremor but not much and I went for a walk and that went well. I had a bit mre lift in my feet. From this experience I feel I can begin again to use GABBA-PLEX for an adjunct to L Dopa for the moood benefit, if needed, as long as I reduce my intake of MP and do not take them close together. Sorry aboout the typing, multiple letters...etc., you know its the darn tremor.

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