First appointment at Movement Disorder Clinic

This morning I went to my first appointment at the UAMS Movement Disorder Clinic and I was very impressed. Because it was my first appointment the doctor took a really long time with me. About an hour and a half. He told me so much I didn't know and explained a lot about my symptoms. Parkinson's is his specialty. I felt he really understood me and knew what I was going through. My other Neurologist did not understand at all (remember he is the one that said pain is not a symptom). He did a neurological examination and said that from my explanation of my symptoms and the exam he sees no need to do a Dat Scan at this time because it is obvious. He did say though down the road he may want to do a series of Dat Scans to check progression. I am very glad I switched Neurologists. It's a long trip to get to him but well worth it.

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  • We also went to movement disorder clinic. Same experience you had. Came home feeling listened to and understood. Local docs treatment was proper, but they never did a proper evaluation, examination.I feel good that we have a baseline to compare with In the future. I highly suggest getting a second opinion at a movement disorder clinic. We went to Mass General in Boston, USA

  • What doctor did you see at mass general? I live in Massachusetts and would like to be seen there also.

  • I see Dr. Hung. Recommended.

  • Thank you

  • We moved a year ago from MA to WV, but while living in MA My husband saw Dr. Sudarsky who is the head of Neurology at Brigham and Women's. He was very good.

  • Thank you, I had a great doctor in Florida, hope to find one as good in mass.

  • I have a second opinion on a PSP diagnosis appointment with Dr. Growden at MGH Movement Disorder Clinic in mid-September. The original diagnosis was in May. It's been a long four months waiting for the appointment and I'm nervous about it. Glad to hear of a positive experience there. Anyone have advice about preparing for the evaluation or willing to share details of what's included in it or what happens afterwards? I'm also glad to hear of people in this area with whom I might be able to share information and advice.

  • Great to hear.

    Good luck

  • Glad to hear this!

  • Brilliant

  • Great result.

    Regards D

  • hope/you/will/shaaree/news.

  • Good that you taking care of yourself ! You deserve to be listend to and have your symptoms addressed in a thorough manner .

  • So glad to hear that! :-)

  • Theresa, I'm so pleased to hear this and to know you're in good hands!!

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