First appointment at Movement Disorder Clinic

This morning I went to my first appointment at the UAMS Movement Disorder Clinic and I was very impressed. Because it was my first appointment the doctor took a really long time with me. About an hour and a half. He told me so much I didn't know and explained a lot about my symptoms. Parkinson's is his specialty. I felt he really understood me and knew what I was going through. My other Neurologist did not understand at all (remember he is the one that said pain is not a symptom). He did a neurological examination and said that from my explanation of my symptoms and the exam he sees no need to do a Dat Scan at this time because it is obvious. He did say though down the road he may want to do a series of Dat Scans to check progression. I am very glad I switched Neurologists. It's a long trip to get to him but well worth it.

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  • We also went to movement disorder clinic. Same experience you had. Came home feeling listened to and understood. Local docs treatment was proper, but they never did a proper evaluation, examination.I feel good that we have a baseline to compare with In the future. I highly suggest getting a second opinion at a movement disorder clinic. We went to Mass General in Boston, USA

  • What doctor did you see at mass general? I live in Massachusetts and would like to be seen there also.

  • I see Dr. Hung. Recommended.

  • Thank you

  • We moved a year ago from MA to WV, but while living in MA My husband saw Dr. Sudarsky who is the head of Neurology at Brigham and Women's. He was very good.

  • Thank you, I had a great doctor in Florida, hope to find one as good in mass.

  • Great to hear.

    Good luck

  • Glad to hear this!

  • Brilliant

  • Great result.

    Regards D

  • hope/you/will/shaaree/news.

  • Good that you taking care of yourself ! You deserve to be listend to and have your symptoms addressed in a thorough manner .

  • So glad to hear that! :-)

  • Theresa, I'm so pleased to hear this and to know you're in good hands!!

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