Night fighting

Quick post. Two of the times I woke up last night were because I had just punched my water bottle on the nightstand and then later I was wrestling with my pillows. Both cases defending my children or their good friends from bad guy. Very active night! I ran out of clonazepam about 3 days ago. I will pick up the refill today. They damn well better have it! Nights are getting really tiring.

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  • What causes the night fights exactly

  • It is REM sleep behavior disorder. Pretty common with Parkinson's.

  • Try never to let your prescription run out!

  • Amen! There are better ways to get exercise than when I'm supposed to be sleeping.

  • It's curious how in these dreams we're often battling to protect our children or other children from "bad guys."

  • My experience exactly.

  • I broke my toe kicking the nightstand. Be careful.

  • I do have some great dreams ass well. Recently I was woo hooing while I body surfed down these beautiful waves. It was such a buzz. Great dream. Also have the bad ones as well.

  • I had a dream like that! It ended with a thud when I dove into the waves -- and hit the floor.

  • My partner says I grabbed her arm last night, dug my nails in. The other night it was a knee in her back. It's the third time. Worrying. I'm dreaming some desperate fighting. I've gone up to 12mg ropinarol slow release. At least I'm celloing better. The Bowing induces a freezing feeling, a kind of sickening paralysis feeling across my chest. Woohoo though, I can play the poldark intro theme, if I can remember it.

  • I threw myself out of bed and split my head open chasing a guy who was trying to hit me with a 2x4.

  • Holy moly! The worst I ever did was hurting my hand by punching the edge of my nightstand. Rude awakening but nothing like what you had! Do you take clonazepam?

  • Yes, I am on

  • Try some melatonin with the clonazepam, 3-5 mg. Works well for me.

  • Thank you for that suggestion. Melatonin alone hasn't helped much but tried it with clonazepam and slept longer and better. Thanks!

  • Enidah, glad it helped you. I've had RBD for about 3 years and I think the addition of the melatonin has helped a lot. I don't have the frequency of episodes now.

  • OMG! Guitarman, get onto clonazepan or something similar, and fast! God only knows what kind of state you'd be in if on top of everything else, that guy with the 2 X 4 caught up to you. Scary stuff.

  • I am on clonazepam now. I wasn't the first time I threw myself out of bed.

  • Gashed your head open is putting it lightly. I had to take you to the ER for stitches!

    You also have done some of the things John mentioned above. And lets not forget about you singing "The Banana Boat" song and yelling loudly. LOL You have started taking the Clonazepam since you responded to this post, and I think it has helped tremendously!

  • Why is it always fighting and not being lets say one of the Beatles in a Hard Days Night?

  • Too damn true! I hadn't thought of that.

  • Dunno but I did manage to get Georges autograph before his sad demise.

  • For those who are curious I take .25 milligrams of clonazepam at night. The melt on the tongue type. It's a small amount and even if I stop it suddenly I don't notice, as in going through withdrawals, but it does help with the rem sleep disorder.

  • Thought I would share our experience. My husband has had REM sleep disorder since he was about 52. He his 63 now. He hasn't been diagnosed with PD but I think I see signs, one being such anxiety. He was on clonazepam for a while and it helped. Due to kidney problems with the medicine he had to stop taking. last year. He takes CBD oil Charlottes Web everyday advance and smokes medical marijuana before bed. Because of stiches, being hit, falling out of bed, he sleeps on the floor surrounded by pillows to protect us both. Although the Clonazepam helped the side effects were worse. If anybody has the side effects that Clonazepam I hope these alternatives can help you. Please write me with any questions. It is good to have a forum in which people even understand what REM sleep disorder is. Laura

  • There is a strong link between REM sleep disorder and PD, but I don't think that just having anxiety indicates PD. Does he have other symptoms?

    How lucky you are to live in an enlightened place where he can get medical marijuana. Glad it is helping him.

  • Thanks for writing me back. We went to see a Neurologist two years ago because I noticed some small tremors. The doctor did the exam and thought he might have essential tremors but not PD yet. Lately, I've noticed is tongue is starting to twitch quite a bit and I see his hands and feet moving quite a bit. I can't explain it but I just see changes happening. He has such anxiety over the smallest things in life and gets frustrated to easily. The Charlottes Web help with the REM sleep and the medical marijuana also helps him sleep. When did you realize things weren't quite right? I have read that REM sleep disorder isn't a definite for PD but the movement makes me wonder. Thanks for all your time. Laura

  • I started Lexapro 10 milligram about 5 months after I was diagnosed and it made all the difference. Before that the smallest things would cause my anxiety to kick in. It made life so difficult.

  • I was diagnosed earlier in the year although I had suspected it for a while. I don't have much tremor, but no left arm swing, stiffness and rigid leg muscle, also slipping face in left side. So attractive!

    I now take azilect, magnesium and NAC and am virtually ok unless I get even mildly stressed when my left arm twitches and I feel I won't be able to move. I used to be pretty laid back, but now I can't cope if things go wrong. The NAC has really helped with the mental side of things and I really recommend it, but you need a brand that smells of sulphur as I have had one brand here that did nothing.

    I think PD always starts on one side, but I may be wrong. Also loss of sense of smell is common though not always. I can barely smell a thing which is handy with 2 teenage sons!

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