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Question about Azilect


I am a stage3 possible 4 person with Parkinson's. I've taken very little pharmaceutical drugs so far. Mostly supplements. Is Azilect mostly for early stage 1 or 2 pwp? Can Azilect possibly help me at this late stage in my progression? Sinemet doesn't seem to work well for me. Please help.

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I would think azilect will still help as it helps you use whatever dopamine you more more effectively. So as long as you are producing some I reckon it would help. You would also benefit from some other meds that up your dopamine levels I would have thought. How have you managed so far without anything?

Blackfeather in reply to Astra7

It has been very difficult for me. Tried lots of different supplements. Nothing seems to help.

Astra7 in reply to Blackfeather

Is there a reason you haven't tried any meds? I think you will get a lot of relief once you have sorted the right ones, which can take some time.

Blackfeather in reply to Astra7

I guess I'm a little afraid of all the side effects I read about. Am willing to try just about anything at this point.

Try this link

Azilect is the name given by TEVA the original manufacturer and

rasagiline is the active ingredient.

May I ask what supplements u have taken thru the years? I am new to this so I cannot answer ur question, but I know u will get replies here that will be helpful.

You can also do an azilect search of older posts from this site, maybe you already have done it .

You say "sinemet doesn't seem to work well for me" . That's interesting to me as it doesn't seem to help me either but for most it is a miracle drug. I'd be interested to hear how much you've tried and for how long, why you stopped.

Boyce3600 in reply to grower

Ditto, grower. I have the same question.

RoyProp in reply to grower


when i was trying out the drugs i found that azilect was the only one that didn't have any side effects/ unfortunately i could bot tell if it helped me or not. still do not take anything but about 3 years ago my diagnosis was changed to PSP..

Hi Blackfeather, Parkinsons is not a one size fits all, it is complex and that has been one of the challenges for me as newly diagnosed. I wonder if your Parkinsons diagnosis has been confirmed by at least a 2nd doctor which should be a neurologist who is a movement disorder specialist? I ask for a couple of reasons. There is no definitive test for PD and it can be misdiagnosed as a result, especially if you have not been seen by a neurologist who is a movement disorder specialist. Another reason I ask is that I have read that If there is a question on a PD diagnosis a doctor may prescribe Sinemet and if a person responds then it is considered a confirmation of sorts even though it is possible for someone with Parkinsons not to respond to Sinemet (that is a small minority of those with PD). This is where a good neurologist with specific training in the treatment of PD might help guide you.

Two other resources I like a lot: Mayo has a good website for PD and meds: and Michael J Fox is another great resource. I hope this is helps - I sense your urgency and hope you get some good results soon.

Remember that whatever you put into your body, irregardles of the route, can have a negative side efect. Consult a doctor or a neurologist or a movement disorder specialist for proper diagnosis, treatment & fallow up, deal with side effects IF & when they happen. Never be your own doctor.

The good thing is Azilect is going generic next year so the price should come down significantly.

I take Azilect because my neurologist believed it could slow progression. So far it has. I have had no notable progression in over three years. I take C/L for my symptoms.

tupper in reply to 4000Nights

Very interesting , I started Azilect 2 plus years ago and within 10 days all my symptoms had completely disappeared from my body, complete remission. I am so extremely grateful .

I feel very strongly that any side effects from the medications I take is nothing compared to the symptoms of PD. Quality of life means a lot to me. I want to enjoy my grandchildren while I can and suppressing the symptoms is very important to me. I realize nothing I'm taking will cure me but if I feel better my life is better.

What other's have said about everybody reacting differently to meds is true. I take Azilect 1 mg and Sinemet 25/100 3x daily. I'm only at Stage 2, but most of the time it is as though I don't have PD at all unless the Sinemet starts wearing off. However I do have major fatigue and it is a problem.

There is something that has similar characteristics as PD which can be corrected with a shunt. I don't remember what it is called but it can be detected with a brain MRI. It would be non-responsive to sinemet. Did you have an MRI?

Coblrman in reply to Coblrman

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). A build up of fluid within the brain may cause difficulties with walking and balance, which might be confused with Parkinson’s disease. Usually, there will also be signs of dementia and loss of bladder control with this disorder, though. Once diagnosed, NPH can be cured with the placement of a shunt to drain excess fluid.

could you reiterate dif between stage 3 and four parkinsons for me? not taking meds, can't judge if i'm deteriorating or not. anyone? what happens when you become plumb out of dopamine?

Was the movie Awakenings a movie about the benefits of L Dopa on patients who where comatos ?

what's your point? not familiar with this movie. off hand...... don't think ldopa can override comas?!?

The movie is about a Dr. In 1969 who discovered L Dopa on patients who did not have any. An extreme form of Parkinson's. Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro.

oh yah! those were not comatose patients, they were what you call them..... miracle cure didn't last. remember a rape victim became, what's the word?

999---666 in reply to 999---666

so that's total dopamine's zombies, eh?

To tell you honestly I have not actually seen the movie but my daughter was telling me about it and now I want to see it. To bad it's not on Netflix or Amazon prime.


That's the word !!!!!!!!!!!!


999---666 in reply to 999---666


arwenmark in reply to 999---666

It was a great movie, the Ldopa was not overriding coma's but rather complete freezing. Which the doctors took for comas.

I definitely have PD. Confirmed and diagnosis by 2 neurologist and 4 md. Plus I have all the classic symptoms. Unfortunately I seem to be dopamine unresponsive. In fact sinemet makes my symptoms worse. Never experienced being on. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Did they give you enough of it? for long enough? They say LBD patients don't respond as well to Sinemet...but I would give it a really good try and up the dose before looking for other reasons. Time your meds down to the minute...set an alarm if you have to and read about protein and when and what to eat....then go from there. My husband is the same way, sometimes he takes his Sinemet and passes out an hour later, hard to see the benefits, confusing with side effects and sleep disorder as well. Always worry that he might have LBD, which makes meds extra tricky.

My husband took Azilect when he was in very early stages of Parkinson's to avoid taking Sinemet because he was only 50. It made him really happy, which was great, was super expensive, and may have contributed to a gaming addiction that he developed after taking Azilect and NeuPro patch...not sure which was the real culprit. Just make sure that someone close to you is monitoring you for addictive/compulsive behavior if you take it. Hard to see yourself objectively sometimes. If you have a tendency this way, gambling, drinking, sex, are more at risk. Happy was good!

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