Spoilt for Choice?

It seems there are neurologist prescribed meds such as levodopa, azilect and agonists.

Then there are supplements, natural remedies:

Mucuna – a dopamine supplement

Anti-oxidants – teas, berries, etc

Nicotine – supposed to be neuro-protective.

Magnesium – alleviates stiffness

B vitamins, especially b12 – thought that pwp deficient in B12

C vitamins – for alleviating stiffness

NAC – some swear by it

CQ10 – some find it helps

Red wine


Coffee – neuro protective

Healthy diet of fruit and veg.


Brisk walking

Running – if you can

Cycling – fast cadence

Simulated boxing

Exercises – LSVT Big. Power for parkinson’s, pd warrior, crossfit, yoga, tai chi, etc


Mind health

Positive thinking

Avoid stress


Rest, sleep

Social interaction – it takes your mind off pd


I might only have 30% of what works for some.

I am wondering how much placebo effect is in play here?

3 Replies

  • Oh Yes, another category is massage, we would all like one everyday!

  • I think everything we use to fight PD has some placebo effect. Who cares if it works for you use it. Placebo effect is still a real thing and is still a way of dealing with PD. Just proves our minds are very powerful.

  • The placebo effect: positive expectations which cause the release of dopamine. The placebo effect is actually therapeutic in PD: "substantial

    release of endogenous dopamine in the striatum of PD patients in response to placebo"

    ref: science.sciencemag.org/cont...

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