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Anxiety/panic attacks


Hi..I was diagnosed Jan 2012 at age 58. I'm currently on Sinemet 100/25 now 2-3 tab every 3 hours. It's been historical for me to start a dose ex: 1 tab every 6-8 hours and need to titration up to where I am today. In the past week I am now getting frequent panic attacks on the wearing off phase.

My question is who else is experiencing this and how do you overcome them

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when does wearing off phase happen

About 2 1/2 hours. I never have gotten a full on period (3 ) hours

you need to increase your dose or add a extender or add something like 24 hour requip. you say 2-3 every 3 hours it should be a one or the other not mixed. Are you taking any thing else. Are you exercising. One thing i do is when i feel my meds dropping off is to do something with my hands ie wax my car take a walk lift weights any thing to busy your mind and body, just anticipating the off time can bring it on. kind of out of sight out of mind. Hate to tell this one but hear goes. This last one works 100% for me and that is sex or sex play.

Agreed. The CR (controlled release) version of carbidopa/levodopa made a world of difference for me, and that is the only type of levodopa med I need and use. In Sinemet this is called the CR version, other brands call it ER, and Rytary is CR by design as I understand it.

Amen! Finding someone worth having sex with can be a challenge! So many men my age have trouble maintaining that all important you know what!

Try mindfulness mediation. It's kept me off the tranquilizers. Google it for more info.

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What i just replied is like mediation for me just putting your mind some place else.

My husband experiences anxiety when his Carbidopa/ Levodopa starts wearing off. He was taking 25/250 three times a day, 50/200 C/L ER at bedtime. . Neurologist added 10/100 two times between day doses, and 10/100 when early morning waking at 5:30 or 6:00. Sometimes he has to take an Ativan. He also stRted taking 10 mg. Proxac. He spends a lot of time walking with his can in the house when he is experiencing this anxiety. For those of you that have more knowledge about these meds what is your suggestions?

I have experienced the same issue with anxiety and panic attacks

My neurologist prescribed cymbalta 30 mg twice a day. It seems to help.

I just turned 59, and I received my official diagnosis in May 2014. I was taking Sinemet 100/25 tabs three times a day . I am now up to four tabs a day starting at the beginning of this year. I also take 0.5 klonopin twice a day for anxiety. I exercise alot, and I drink red wine every day at happy hour. Keep busy, and keep moving! I am scared that if I don't move then I too will succumb to a panic attack. I received some bad news the other day while visiting friends out of town, and two shots of bourbon calmed me down! Watching funny tv shows and movies helps alot too. Finally, I find that marijuana (just a bit) really takes the anxiety away! Good luck! One day at a time!!

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