Hi, I had to open a new account, I was previously known as "andyij". I released an album of songs on 1st October. The album is called "Long Hard Road", the studio band name is "Affinity Formation". It deals with my life living with Parkinson's, and is available on all social media, Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, youtube etc. 30% of all sales revenue will be donated to Parkinson's UK.

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  • Went on Spotify and listen to your Album. Now I have to try to make " I'd Rather be Dead " into my new ringtone. Congratulations you just made an album.

  • I'd "rather be dead" is a cover originally recorded by Harry Nilsson, it is a tongue-in-cheek song.

    Many thanks for listening to it

  • I am curious, do you get royalties every time I listen to your music on Spotify or Pandora?

  • Yes, royalties are paid, however they are not much. I have to share this money with the other band members, and Parkinson's UK receive 30% of all revenue. I will let you know the amount, when I know.

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