Taurine level in Parkinson's and red bull

The following study shows that Taurine is significantly lower in Parkinson's disease patients :


Is this means that the Red bull energy drinks good for Parkinson's patients because Red bull contains Taurine ,caffeine, B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12) ?


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  • I am taking Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (250mg daily) which has proven neuroprotective activity


  • Very interesting. Caffeine is supposedly neuro protective as well.

  • It is interesting - about six years ago, I started drinking masses of red bull. I've never liked the taste but it made me feel better. Now I know why!

  • If you take taurine make sure it is the natural non-synthetic form of the amino acid. The synthetic form has been linked with heart disease and energy drinks game been banned in Scandinavian countries. In addition here is a case study of a young woman who proved to be allergic to synthetic taurine but not natural taurine:


  • Yes - I've ordered some, having read the report. Thanks Silvestrov

  • Taurine is connected to NAC which I keep harping on about. if you don't have enough NAC the body uses it all up trying to make glutathione and there is none left to make taurine. Taurine helps inhibit the adrenal stress response which I think is why it helps with PD as stress is such a negative factor.

    I found a great description of how it all works but I can't work out how to put in a link.

  • Taurine plays an important role in creating new brain cells :


  • Taurine can significantly decrease brain apoptosis, the mechanism maybe through increasing the expression of GDNF and decreasing the expression of caspase-3


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