HRT (melatonin, 6-methoxy harmalin and valentonin) for Parkinson's

I messaged my outstanding neurologist about the PD therapy that seeks to normalize pineal glad hormone levels via melatonin administration and transdermal patches. He kindly took the time to reply via office staff, "familiar with this process....not impressed with the clinical information able to review....Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.'

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  • this is because there is no clinical info to review

  • Bingo! Give yourself the prize. My neuro is full of himself. :)

  • This method with the melatonin etc. has all of the appearance of a valid and logical solution. I am a chemist and I know when I see a good bit of science. I am looking forward to getting this patch when it comes out.

  • I wish for it to be real and result in a big help to us. My cynicism was bad. Sorry.

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