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New to PD


I have only just been diagnosed and am very anxious about the prognosis I'm scared to read about it on the net This has lead to a lot of irrational thoughts anxiety and stress I am 55 I run up to 9 miles a week and work in a shop part time but whenever I'm unoccupied or nervous I start to shake my right hand and my muscles twitch in my right leg I thought with Parkinson's the shake was there all the time sorry if I'm not makiig much sense I'm not on medication yet and my head. Is all over the place

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When you get the initial diagnosis it can be very scary. My experience is that, while you will want to educate yourself in order to better manage your condition, it is better not to turn to doctor Google immediately! There's lots of stuff out there - some very helpful, some not. I was diagnosed when I was 56 - I'm going into my third year post diagnosis and I'm doing ok. Still working, driving, living. This site has been an invaluable source of advice and information, mainly because it comes from people living with this condition. Take some time and have a look round and don't panic! There is life after diagnosis. It's great that you're exercising. I twitch too, but not all the time.

Four years ago when first diagnosed, I was stoic. My neurologist suggested I not research online. I did and what stood out at first was the most negative results and outcomes from PD. I cried.

I do not regret my research as I now have the "tools" and knowledge to resist the symptoms of PD and to take control of my healthcare and decisions. I make choices and include the advice of my neurologist in determining my course... He recommends I should be on Park Meds right from the first day of diagnosis. I chose a different path.

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I commend you. It's important not to scare yourself I was diagnosed at 53 and I have hey good life. I was diagnosed 2005 in August. Neurologist I went to told me that I had Parkinson's I passed out in the elevator when I was leaving and had to be taken to hospital across the street. I have up and down days. I retired in 2012 on disability I was a supervisor and that got to be too stressful. I have felt better at home


I felt the same way when I was diagnosed 6 years ago.

But let me tell you this, you are going to be fine!!

We learn to cope as we go along.

I have learned that attitude is everything.

I refuse to let this take me down, and I look for what I can do for others than may need cheerint up.

I agree with stevie3, don't read too much. You will just get confused and overwhelmed.

Enjoy the day and each moment, and know you can handle this, one symptom at a time;

Blessings from Eva G :)

Hello Dellyhow7 .

Finding out you have pd is scary as hell. I was told i had ALS which is a death sentence. So for me PD was a step up. i cried and yelled and asked why me. Of course that did very little for me.

PD is just a annoying always in your face problem it want kill you or shorten your life. It is like a bully if you stand up to it it will not bother you. Just kick it's ass and keep living.

You can and will lead a almost normal life. All you need to do is keep exercising and get some good meds. i am 62 10 years dx and living a normal life. I do not have a tremor but when i get in a stressful time i shake and some times have a panic attack so i do get stressed.

One thing i would do is add weight training to your exercise program.

It is very scary, but there are alot of things you can do and take to feel better. Avoiding stress is very important, and I advise you don't read too much. Everyone is different. You'll be OK.

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And especially, don't read that damn fool Merck Manual!

Remember you are still the same person you were before PD. You have PD do not let it have you. There are many of us on this site who still going strong after many years. You will find after the initial shock that you will come to appreciate things that you took for granted before. You find strength and support and many friends on this site. Prayers for you and hugs.

You could consider looking at alternative causes of your symptoms as people have sometimes had success with identifying deficiencies in their bodies' processing of nutrients. Dr Amy Yasko has written about the methylation cycle (lots online, and books) and scientists are learning more about this all the time. Best of luck, well worth considering other avenues before jumping onto medication.

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Cheers for that I had a brainscan and my neurologist said my dopamine was 70pc down hence diagnosis of pd I asked if it was menopause related he said he didn't do menopause!

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There does seem to be remarkably little interest in looking for other possible causes of symptoms. Well worth following up. All the best


I have similar symptoms and only diagnosed this year but symptoms for about 3 years prior to diagnosis still fit and healthy and try to focus on the positives though tremor is embarrassing at times though often I just tell people I have Parkinson's and I move when I shouldn't be lol! I was scared of researching info too though what it ended up doing was empowering me as we know knowledge is power . With that it enabled me to make choices that are right for me, love this site we are all different however united in support of each other and our individual journeys

God bless

Thank you I've just got focus on the here and now and not so much on the what ifs

Perfect! Stay positive , keep active and laughter is always the best medicine 😊

I agree with all the responses above. PwP's (person with Parkinson's) on this site have already many years of research so this is a great site to get information. Some opinions differ a bit, but it's all good information thru research and best of all, experience. I believe you have to first accept it and then take action by listening to others experiences, exercising like crazy and find supplements that help and keep positive. Don't be too afraid of medication, just don't overdue it. I was diagnosed at 46 & I'm now in my 13th year & still doing well. I take 1,000 mg of Vit. D3 and lots of antioxidants. I also do non-contact boxing.

Good luck and remember you have PD but it doesn't have you!

My reaction to PD was just the opposite. I was actually relieved because I was so sick for so long and the doctors could not find out why. You can have PD without tremors which I did. It wasn't until after the tremors started that the doctor even considered the possibility it was PD. Since I've been on medication I have gotten some of my old life back and I'm very grateful for the diagnosis because I knew there was something wrong and I needed answers.

Hi Dellyhow 7

Of course you were overly concerned when you were told such awful news , PD is not good news, but dont

let it affect your life, I am 77 years young, probably had

PD years before I brought the slight hand tremors to

my doctors attention four years ago, I just adjust to

what my body lets me do each day with caring help

from a loving family, miss my golf though.

Hi It is scary when they tell you, everything just rushes through your mind. I was diagnosed in 2004 at 39 i have a tremer down my right side, but with my meds it keeps it under control. When you get everything a bit straighter in your head, you will get sorted.We are here for you.

you will be fine : Nicey

Try to learn meditation. Stress and worry creates stress hormones that can make things worse.

I am also newly diagnosed, but have had many non-motor symptoms since 2013. I have been on requip for RLS and meds for Rem Behavior Disorder. I don't have tremors, but do have bradykineses on left side. I've consulted Dr. Google many times and been scared out of my head, now I just try to go one day at a time.

Hi DellyHow; I have had Pd symptoms for 53 years and have been able to overcome most of the movement symptoms. I have now lived a normal life since 2002, medication-free. I am now 82 years old and live a normal active life, although I still have Pd.

It is difficult telling everybody on this blog site what I have done to get where I am, but if you visit my website - you can read over 400 articles on how to deal with Pd.

You can also write to me and I will answer any questions at no charge whatsoever.

Thank you where can I get your book

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