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Yesterday my dishwasher overflowed and my garbage disposal decided to back up while I was making dinner for my daughter and her husband. The stress at the thought of my kitchen overflowing caused me to tremor like crazy and completely ruined my day. I was so exhausted after the clean up that I had to cancel dinner and lay in bed for part of the day to try to calm down. I do hate parkinson's and how much it can affect me!!! At times like this I wish I had some other problem!! A friend told me once that the healthy wear a crown the sick can see! Boy, is that the truth!

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Been there & done that,, know how you feel.

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Sadly, it is easier to commiserate than to offer a solution. I find myself in a constant state of overwhelm, often over insignificant problems. One thing I learned when I was in practice and got to know my dental patients well was that everybody has something on their plate to deal with. On the surface you would often not see it but people seemed to treat the dental chair like a psychiatrists couch. It doesn't lessen the frustration that comes with Parkinson's disease but it did make me realize that I have not been singled out for punishment.

On a lighter note, our stove top and oven were out of commission for almost 3 weeks. During that time none of the family members turned down a dinner invitation because they knew they would not be served a home-cooked meal.


Thanks! I needed that!



I hear you! I bet you were exhausted after all that!!

My dearly beloved furrball Karter died Sunday. I was grieving him all day yesterday!!!

Yesterday also my son who is on probation for druguse, had an appoitnment with his paroleofficer. He had slipped and used, and we feared he may have to go to jail for 60 days. That means over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fortunately, he did not have to go to jail!!

We are relieved, but the stress was horrendous!!

I went for a walk in the sunshine today. My walk was stilted, but I am swearing to get back to where I was.

Rest, do your selfcare, and you will be ok.

Blessings, Eva G :)


I am definitely working on taking care of myself:) but as a mom I can say that is easier said than done, obviously, you know how that is!!


I often think that if we were all in a room and threw our problems into a bowl, then were allowed to pick up the ones we wanted, we'd leave the room with our own! As Pauldmd said, most people are dealing with something, usually something pretty big. But often, it's the things like mess or disruption that knock me off my perch too. Eva, so sorry to hear about your fur baby and the issues with your son. My stresses are an elderly, rather demanding mother and a stroppy soon-to-be 18 year old daughter. On Sunday, I allowed my mother to really get to me and spent most of Sunday paying for it. I'm just recovering now!

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Hang in there! I am feeling better from my monday morning garbage disposal fiasco! Also, I have two daughters, and I worry about them constantly, and i pray they will never experience what I live with everyday!


You are so right about our problems, I try to take one day at a time but some days are just shitty and nobody but people with PD get that!


My husband has been a saint in handling stressful situations for me. Unfortunately there are some that I must own myself and they greatly effect my symptoms. I know I must stay calm and get rest but sometimes that is just not possible.


You are blessed to have a great husband!


Down size,

make it simpler,

enjoy the small things,

remove things from your life that complicate,

eliminate stress-full situations


Hi Carolinagirl

You are not on your own.u am exactly the same any little bit of stress my tremor starts and I am also like you I hate pd too!seems like an alien taking control of my body?¡we just have to persevere!just rest and take ur meds




Found this and thought it was appropriate. My husband was diagnosed 8 years ago. He rarely speaks of PD. This forum has really helped me to understand his struggles and put things in perspective. I think that I have more empathy for him because of all of you; so thank you!


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