Has anyone tried PQQ.


its says in the article :

In Parkinson’s disease, the abnormal protein deposits in the brain contain tangled fibrils of a protein called alpha-synuclein that is toxic to brain tissue. PQQ prevents the formation of these cell-killing fibrils, which helps protect cells against oxidative damage.

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  • Yes, Jaber, I've tried it (ever since the news first broke on its benefits to the mitochondria and the body's ATP/energy producing capacity a few years ago). As you may read, it works best - in a synergistic manner - when taken together with a couple other supplements like r-lipoic acid, co-q10, and either acetyl-l-carnitine or l-taurine.

    I can only speak for myself but I credit it (together with an assortment of natural glutathione/dopamine precursors, anti-inflamatories/antioxidents, neuroprotective, and mood-boosting supps) with keeping my mitochondria 'functional' to the point where I'm able to maintain my 4-5 days p/week fitness routine - including a weekly 7-12 mile hike/climb in the North/Central Cascades (still refraining from pharmaceuticles after 3 years dx): lifeextension.com/Magazine/...

  • I have just read up on it and decided to try it out will let you know if tit makes any deference to me. i have atypical Parkinson's and the dopamine drugs have no effect on me, so i don't take anything .