Eight Years Trek!

Because I tremor very little; however, have many other symptoms it has been a challenge to get a good diagnoses until recently. It is a quandary for the neurologist and myself. My 1st doc for 5 years diagnosed me with Parkinsonism and treated me with Ritalin which helps the dopamine respond through the neuro transmitter norpinhirine. He said there were other meds, like carbo/levo, but wanted to wait because those lose their effectiveness over time. I felt much better on a low dose of Ritalin until I develop a rash and he retired. So was on another doc trek with doc saying I looked healthy so he did not think I was ill!! What does PD look like? Because of lack of tremors I told one doc you don't get it. Found another good doctor this year. Symptoms keep increasing. I have deep fatigue, hard to stand up and get out of car due to extreme stiffness, pains in back of knees and legs. Anxiety in crowds and a lot of other strange symptoms. Now am taking carbo/levo with new neuro which is very helpful with walking a little longer distance. New doc is seeing difference with my gait. We so need a blood test for those who do not have a lot of outward symptoms so the doc can better diagnose. All I know is how I feel and am sooo greatful for carbo/levo able to walk better and less pains.

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  • Sounds like PD to me! If the c-l is helping then that is probably the right diagnosis. Do you arms swing when you walk and how is your sense of smell?

  • Lost my sense of smell mostly a few years ago. Arms swing some.

  • They can do a dat scan (nuclear scan) to look at the dopamine receptors in the brain.

  • I too am grateful I finally got diagnosed and am on the correct medication. If the carb/levo relieves your symptoms there is no doubt you have Parkinson's. That's how my GP and Neuro diagnosed me. The Sinemet (carb/levo) has been a life saver for me. Welcome to the group.

  • Thank you. I am trying to get in some exercise daily and stay positive.

  • Hi Opt8. I am sure I can help you, but I need to ask you questions and get the full picture.

    I have had Pd symptoms since 1963. I was finally diagnosed with Pd in 1992. In 1994 my symptoms had got so much worse I had to change everything.

    That is when I started doing Fast Walking. In 2002, my condition had improved so much, I was able to come off my Pd medication and have been off it ever since.

    If you would like to discuss it with me then visit my website - reverseparkinsons.net and write to me.

  • I will look into that.

  • Hi Opt8. Your name tells me that you might be South African. Am I right?

  • No. It is short for Optimistic

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