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The true causes and the treatment of Parkinson's disease


Hello friends, what do you think of this video :

Thanks for your comments


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Here is the interview with the professor so what do you all think are we going to get a patch or is it going to get put away by the big Pharma?

Catlou in reply to parkie13

I want a patch. This is probably about money not helping PD.

Tmarsella in reply to parkie13

Is this available in Europe now or soon?

parkie13 in reply to Tmarsella

At the end of one of the videos they said 2017. Somebody told me they're looking for a manufacturer to partner with. I know very little about it just what I have posted. After reading a lot of stuff it really makes sense to me it even combines the Oriental medicine with what they are saying and it's make sense. Sounds like it had just some calcification of your pineal gland. I am so hoping it's going to come to fruition.

marcet in reply to Tmarsella

They say that they should be available 3q17

Hikoi in reply to parkie13

What patch parkie3?

parkie13 in reply to Hikoi

In this thread there is the YouTube video. They talk about the sleep hormone very interesting got to watch it. They are saying actually in 2017 they will have a patch out for Parkinson's.

Hikoi in reply to parkie13

Thanks parki3

This is interesting but far too technical for me to follow.

I don't think all neurological degenerative diseases can be this simply explained, a disruption of the sleep wake cycle if I am following correctly.

Explaining the hormones

Related article to the above YouTube videos, what you can do to strengthen pineal gland it is in French on my cell phone I am able to translate it to English.

here is another link

I did not see any references to medical journals to back this up. Correlation does not equal causation, particularly if the observed events are concurrent. PD messes up all kinds of things including, according to this work, melatonin and related compounds.

Prior exposure to pesticides, particularly pyrethroids, has a strong association with subsequent development of PD. There are numerous studies that demonstrate pesticides cause Parkinson's in animal models, which for obvious ethical reasons cannot be done using humans. For more see:

parkie13 in reply to park_bear

Pesticide exposure and other chemicals calcify your pineal gland

This is fascinating and bizarre that it's difficult to find anything else on the web about it. It seems to make real sense and I know from watching a BBC documentery on Alzheimers that lack of lengthy sleep is seriously implicated in the creation of this disease.

Interesting article on melatonin that supports their premise on pineal gland.

I find it challenging to comprehend. Just wanted to hear the man get to the bottom line. So glad the narrator finally got to it, hormone replacement therapy during the night. 3 mg melatonin at bedtime, transdermal patch of valentonin and 6 MH at bedtime. Well I wonder how my neuro will react to that treatment idea? Thanks for the interesting video link.

Very interesting~ Thanks for sharing!!

Wonder if having a complete hysterectomy at age 39 and living on h.r.t. for 25 years has any bering on this?

Finally it’s moving

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