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Sensitive skin

My husband has had PD since 2010.

Lately he has been bothered by his skin feeling hot, a burn sensation.

His back feels particularly sensitive.

I suspect it is caused by friction with "excessive " movement but I don't know.

Of course I will check it out with his GP but just wondering if anyone else has this problem.

Did I read that the meds can cause melanoma?

For now I am trying sheets of different fabric.

Somehow satin has no appeal in a Canadian winter...brrrr.

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Parkinson's patients are at increased risk of melanoma but AFAIK that has nothing to do with the meds.


It is the meds we take it is listed under side effects for C/L


The link you gave does not support your contention. It says only: "Parkinson’s disease patients are at an increased risk of developing melanoma, a form of skin cancer. "


Thank you for your reply.

The "increased risk" is the term.

From the context I learned AFAIK.

I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

Hope all is well with you.

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They don't cause melanoma they put you at a slightly greater risk.

As foe as sensitive skin at times my feet are so sensitive i can no walk bare footed on carpet.


Thank you Bailey.You have described my feet...not my husband's.

I don't have PD and my pain is described as neuropathy.

Whatever it is,it is painful. I guess the cause presents similar problems.

Thanks for your reply.


Me too. Like prickly heat? I can't sleep on anything other than very high count thread Egyptian cotton, but very high thread counts can be difficult to iron. My favourite are only 200 count but have a soft sheen and are exceptionally smooth and soft. Bought in U.K. From NEXT hotel range.

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Thank you Jeansm.

Yes I think the answer is in the fabric.

My husband tends to like clothing that has soft material.

Seamless clothing or clothing worn on the reverse side to avoid seams helps.

A small adjustable helps.

Thanks for your reply.


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