and having writ, moves on. Not all thy piety nor wit can call it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out one word of it. (Omar)

Like many others, I joined this group shortly after diagnosis, some years ago, looking for answers to the new challenge of PD and for friends with whom to share those answers. Neither was easy to find. Having spent most of my life as a peace officer, retirement was sweet and my sense of humor may have been a bit too much for some of my fellow pwp. One of my "contributions" was a "tongue-in-cheek" excerpt from a (non-existent) Parkinson Instruction Manual entitled, "How to Put on Pants". It was generally well received but was criticized by others, some of whom had hurt themselves previously while donning trousers. My belated, but sincere apology.

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  • hahaha ,,, we must keep a sense of humor.. and you are not far from the truth there,,,, that putting on pants manual ! some people assume too much in their writing .. especially regarding medications. It's always best to ask questions, even ones you think might be obtuse --- we have noticed with our brother-in-law (has PD) that this is all a huge learning process !

  • You have been weighed and you have been measured and you have been found wanting. I thought I was going to bring a wealth of knowledge to this sight and I already found it here. What can I bring to the table, some humor. I will try to put a smile on every bodies face and insult as few as possible. I welcome anyone who tries to do the same.

  • HALL-9000, you are definitely a sweetie-pie!

    As a caretaker I entered with much optimism...a little time has passed and it has brought BIG doses of reality. Your sense of humor has often made me laugh, and I again say THANK YOU. I often wonder if people who more often than not frequent this site have more challenging cases of PD. I run into people (acupuncture office, Urgent Care, etc) and they will share that they have PD, I am surprised because they look so well. My son, one can visibly see "something" is not right.

    Keep bringing humor to THIS table, for me a welcome contribution.

  • Hal, I wish you luck but,,,,,well,,,,, trying to put a smile on everybody's face in a roomfull of Parkies is quite an undertaking. Please let me know,(pictures would be good!!!) if you get some real happy grins. ACTUALLY,,,, The foregoing infers an absence of humor and pleasantness in the Parkinson continence. That is not the case. The PWP of today no longer wears the stiff Parkinson's mask. The only time I ever see one is while shaving. Thanks for your response.

  • I wish i had the wit to respond witterly (is witterly a real word) to the Parkie continence issue!

  • You have responded wittily, (adv,, "with. wit") many times this week past, teaching your fellow PwP about tremor. It would probably be more accurate to say you spoke wisely, (adv., with wisdom). P.S. I don't quite understand your reference to the "continents issue". I thought we had long since decided that.

  • Continents, countenance,, continence,

    Which shall it be?

    I referred to your post above ...

    .... an absence of humor and pleasantness in the Parkinson continence. ....The PWP of today no longer wears the stiff Parkinson's mask......

    But continents i know not. (I prefer islands anyway)

  • Thank you for your service as a peace officer. My father in law put in 30 years as a peace officer in Dallas Tx God rest his soul. He was also a prison guard in in the Philippines during World War Two. It was a prison for war criminals including Americans. He is a hero in my opinion as you are just for being a peace officer and for his duty in WW2. God bless all of you. He also had a wicked sense of humor.

  • Hi Ronn

    Great to see your name. We go back quite a while and I always enjoy your posts. How are you keeping? Still winning, I hope? We all soldier on. I would be lost without this site with its mixture of people, who all have something to contribute. Please keep in touch. I value your input.

  • Sue, Hoped you were still here, asking and answering, making everyone's life more pleasant and informed. I will look forward to seeing your name.

  • Ronn, that sounds hysterical!

  • When can we see this post or do I have to go back 3 years?

  • OK I had to go back,4 years. I did not see anything negative. It was just fun.

  • Thank you for your interest. I wasn't aware that the old post could still be found. From now on you are my guru of computers and cyberspace. Thanx again

  • No guru here, just dumb enough to think it's still there.You know, like pretending to throw a ball and the dog chases it.

    Where did it go, where did it go?

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