Victoza is a type 2 diabetic medication that I was on for about a year. Late last year or maybe it was early this year my insurance company insisted I try something else because of the outrageous cost of Victoza. It runs about $800 a month. So I got switched to Trulicity, and found that it worked just as well for the diabetes. Now I've read some articles that Victoza has neuroprotective properties and is in trials as a Parkinson medication. So this morning when I went to see my GP doctor for a referral to the Movement Disorder Clinic I also asked him to change my prescription back to Victoza and tell the insurance company that this is the one I need to take. Sure hope it works. Does anyone else take Victoza?

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  • Wow Theresa,

    Do hope insurance approves it! Here is one link on the Cure Parkinsons web site

    Of interest this forum is sponsored by Parkinson's Movement which is part of Cure Parkinsons.

  • Yes this is the type of article I was speaking of. Liraglutide is Victoza. I'm thinking my PD was held at bay until I was switched to Trulicity. Coincidentally my tremors got much worse around that time. Also I take a Beta Blocker (Bystolic) for my BP and heart valve regurgitation and I know that Beta Blockers can suppress tremors somewhat too. I suspect I had PD for a long time but did not have the tremors because of these medications. Also for allergies I took Benadryl regularly and that too has a positive effect on the tremors.

  • It's all like putting together a jigsaw puzzle isn't it. Adding bits with each little bit of new knowledge

  • OK now you are starting to sound like silvestrov. (that's a good thing) Take a step back from the computer and give your brain a rest. You have come along way in the short time you have been on this site, you must have been starved for knowledge.

    I know, let's talk about voting.

  • LOL -- I will be so happy to have the election over -- at least I hope so.

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  • Thank You.

  • Caller ID helps a lot - I know which calls not to answer. If they are persistent I answer and tell them they have the wrong number after they ask for me by name.

  • I am to cheap for caller ID.

  • Hi did she have any of those bad side effects listed about the drug. It sounds like you wera doing just great on it?

  • Yes I was doing really good on the Victoza however the first month on it was just horrendous until my body adjusted to it. I was so very nauseous for about a month. It was worth it for me because I was having a lot of trouble regulating my blood glucose on the long term insulin I was taking and the pills that I took for many years just wasn't working any longer. The Trulicity I now am on is similar to Victoza so there was no adjustment when I switched but there is no indication that the Trulicity has the neuroprotective abilities of Victoza. That's why I want to switch back. Sure hope the insurance company OK's it. No word from them yet. Both Victoza and Trulicity has made my blood glucose perfect as if I don't even have diabetes. Just take a shot and don't worry about it. I am betting they find that Victoza is a really good med for PD also.

  • I got an e-mail from my insurance company yesterday. They said they need to talk to my doctor before they will fill the Victoza and they have been trying to get a hold of him but there has been no response. I'm taking the e-mail to the doctors office this morning. I think this is hopeful because they didn't say no.

  • Try going to They may have a financial assistance program to help you if the insurance says no.

  • Thanks for the link Osidge. My doctor mentioned this product and I told him if it is a new med it will be just as expensive as the Victoza and I'd be going through the same tough process and since Victoza works for me, and very well at that, I would like to go back to using it. There is no new news on the prescription yet. I haven't heard anything further from either the doctor or the insurance company. It's good to know there are other options though.

  • Osidge Where do you live? Unfortunately politics have kept the US from getting Universal Health care. It's a sin.....hopefully it will change before long.

  • Well the insurance company cancelled my Victoza order because my doctors office did not respond to their request to give an exception authorization (or something like that). I took the email to the my doctors office and I was really mad. I completely lost my temper and started yelling in the office before God and all the other patients. Not real proud of that.

    At any rate I'm changing doctors now. Going to the new doctor next Tuesday.

    BUT>>> the good news is >>> after my tirade the doctors office faxed the insurance the needed document and the Victoza is being shipped to me right now.

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