Chat Rooms for PD

I have only found one chat room for pd

Only ever found one person there so no good. Has anyone found a chat room with people? I am not talking about discussion boards like this.

Has anyone else tried the room above?

It would be great to chat, especially at night.

An old post on here listed some rooms but they don't exist now.


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  • Ozie

    Facebook has a lot of very helpful sites.

    Parkinson's Place of Positivity and Peace

    Outthinking Parkinson's

    Together we can heal Parkinson's

    Just to mention a few.

    Have fun :)

  • Thanks, interesting sites but not chat rooms as far as I can see.

  • Ozie

    Check out who is on line, and you can start a conversation with them under messenger.


  • Have you tried that?

  • ok but I am really looking to find a full chat room. Maybe someone knows of one?

  • seems like there aren't many or is it pwp withdraw online also?

  • To tell you honestly Ozie if you come up with right kind of question this place can become a chat room. Look up "like to meet you". That thread went on for hours. Also still working.

  • Thanks.

  • Can I suggest if anyone wants to chat in a chat room that they go to:

    It is reasonably set up and should be OK.

  • Over the past week I have been to the chat room many times and talked to one other person there. Love to see somebody there, it would shock me!

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