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Stopping your medication

Hi Stargate I have just seen your latest post so I'm unaware of your reasons for stopping your meds suddenly but be careful sudden stops can have major effect I did same and had massive panic attack and ended up in hospital for nearly two weeks with a complete breakdown they ('the gurus') suggest doing it slowly reduce meds over months sorry in advance if I've missed some of your other info I'm just going on tour latest post

Keep positive Sunnysky

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Thank you for your concern.

I will keep it in mind 😊



We now have a retired psychiatrist with PD on this board, I guess he won't respond to individual cases but I hope one day he will write about using some of these meds.


I thought I would try for 2 days each and of course enough time to get off of some of the med.s I really do not need (in my opinion ) I have 20 diagnosis and 20 med.s Enough is enough, however I will work with a doctor to sucessfully try this experiment . Pam


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