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Would anyone like to share there experience with Rocksteady Boxing on this site? Rocksteady Boxing on Utube or go to

I nwould l/d like to hear from anyone who lives in Southern Oregon as I recruited a gym to get trained and teach Rocksteady Boxing. Now I am looking for interesd people to join our work out class.

Bailey would encourage you to get going.

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  • Good for you

    Keep up the work

  • Bailey, it is good to hear from you. I was going to put a comment in there like, "Bailey, it has some of characteristics of Crossfit." but I decided not to. Are you still doing OK?

  • yes doing well

  • I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but I believe in RSB 100%. I live in Indy where RSB originated 10 years ago & I am one of the first dozen or two that took advantage of the program and now there are close to 300 affiliates. You can see my testimonial on the website you posted (under Deb Bentz). For approximately 2 years I have been trying to encourage others to take advantage of it but I can't seem to get others to try it. I haven't given up, but I'm having trouble understanding why a PwP's would not take advantage of a program that is fun, encouraging, inspirational, informative, tailored for every level, recommended by many neurologists and has been proven to help slow the progression. I understand everyone is different, but I bet most of you haven't even tried this. I also believe, and I kind of understand, most of us are wanting someone to come up with a magic pill and our PD will just go away. That may happen in our lifetime, but it may not. So in the meantime, why not try something that helps slow your symptoms?

  • Ditto!

  • Husband went to one in Indy--not for him tho--to much movement for him he also has bad back problems he tried for a few months but had to stop as to painful on his back.

  • I'm sorry he had problems. Did they have him in the right level? At headquarters, they have 4 levels and PD3 and PD4 are the classes for PwP's that aren't as mobile. Maybe it's an affiliate that hasn't had a chance to have the different levels?

  • Your very inspiring laglag kept it up👍

  • That was a perfect response I hoped to get. My trainer thought he could design his own training program to replicate RSB. When I had the opportunity to meet with Christine, from RSB at the World Parkinson Conference, I came back and told him that my disease does not want to wait for the years it would take him to get to where I RSB is now. That caused me to searching for the trainer who had the heart and motivation to join the RSB family. I succeeded in finding just such trainer. Today they are back at RSB being trained. I will start with them next week. My job is to market it to others, including the local Neurologists.

  • Oh my! I usually try to go to training camp but I wasn't going to tonight because it's getting dark so early but I may need to change my mind so I can go meet them! If I don't get there today, I'll go Saturday. I think Sat is optional, do you know if they'll be there Saturday? I'm so happy you found someone to start an RSB. You seem like the perfect person to market it. Just show them a couple of the videos. The one Leslie Stahl did is a good one. And, if you can find the one on Utube called "The Battle", it will bring tears to your eyes. Did you happen to go to the website & read my Testimonial? It was written a few years ago. I'll let you know later or tomorrow if I meet your trainer(s).

  • They will only be there today and tomorrow. It would be great if you go to meet them. Byron and Kim are their names. I will go read your testimonial tonight when I get back home.

  • I met them! They are very motivated & will be great as coaches. Keep me informed on the progress.

  • That was so nice of you to look them up. I will bet they were surprised that you knew about them. I will keep you posted.

  • They were very surprised, but I told them how I found out they would be there.

  • I LOVE Rock Steady Boxing! It's a real upper, and I look forward to seeing my compadres when I go. About 45 minutes or so into the class, I think I'm going to pass out and that I won't even have enough energy to drive home. Amazingly, I do, and in fact, feel energized. When I can't make it to class, I do the exercises at home, but being part of a group I find myself pushing further than I'm able to alone.

  • I know all the feeling(s)!! Keep fighting Beckey!

  • Well put beckey👍

  • I love it 💪

  • Been doing RSB for 2 months. Best thing I have ever done is trying this. I actually look forward to going.

  • Keep fighting Ace1!!! ! You'll keep feeling better!

  • I really want to do this, but theres no center around me, HOW can I get a trainer to get RSB certified? Or what would be the next best way to find a way to do such a program?

  • I think @Don_oregon_duck would be the best person to answer this. Seems like he did a good job finding some coaches for his area! What city & state do you live in? I can check to see if there was anyone training in Indy this weekend or signed up to train. They are training about 60 coaches per month.

  • I am in zip code 10987, New York

  • I just checked the website. I put in your zip & it gave me 3 choices (within 25 miles, 100 & 200). 25 didn't come up with anything buf 100 came up with at least 15 affiliates, so there's one or more within 25 -100 miles of you. I used to drive 24.5 but I don't know what your situation is like. Do you know how to look those up on the website to see exactly where they're located?

  • yup- Thanks!

  • @healthabc

    Here is what I did to bring RSB to my neighborhood. Be sure to review all of the steps, especially the last one.

    I learned about RSB in November of 2015

    I started telling everyone I knew that I was going to bring RSB to where I live.

    I prayed about it regularly.

    I use a personal trainer for my regular 3X per week workout.

    I almost recruited my trainer to become RSB trained. I met Christine from RSB and asked her if I could shoot a video of her explaining to my trainer many of the reasons he should become RSB trained.

    After he watched the video, I THOUGHT he was onboard to go to the training. I registered both of us for training and put our names on the cancellation list so we could go earlier than our registered time if someone cancelled. Someone did cancel and I got notified their was an opening in 10 days. I excitedly called my trainer. He told me to go and bring back the knowledge and, with my help, he would create his own Parkinson training program. I told him my disease would not wait for that. Oh what to do?

    Remember I have been telling everyone I know that I am going to bring RSB to my home town? One of my doctors told me that an employee had said that her husband has a gym and he was wanting to look into ways to expand his business and was interested in Parkinson clients.

    After my trainer turned me down I called a few trainers I knew and the guy who owns the gym( Byron) who did not know me. We first talked at 8:30 in the evening and he seemed interested. He said he would call me back in the morning. The next morning was eight days before the training day. He called me and said not only was he in but one of his trainers wanted to go as well.

    I got lucky. Byron feels he got lucky.

    We both define LUCK as "When preparation meets opportunity."

    Pardon me for giving you so much information, but it was all important to see, in the end, how I got lucky.

    Good luck to you should you choose to bring RSB to your area. I suggest you get the new RSB book. It has many testimonials about how PWP's brought RSB to their area.

  • Great planning! That was hard work for you I'm sure, but I know it will pay off. Sounds like you have as much passion for RSB as I do. If you ever visit Indy,let me know, i would love to meet you. I almost went to the world conference, but my Dad is having some health problems so I didn't want to go too far. My husband & I were going to add a few days on to the trip & tour Portland & Seattle. Maybe next year!

  • If I am ever in your area I would like to meet you. And likewise if you come out to Oregon let me know. I will post the progress of the newest RSB affiliate from time to time. Thank you for your support and saying hi to Byron and Kim. I meet with them Monday.

  • I have not been going to Rock Steady Boxing since the end of July because I had cataract surgery in both eyes in August. I was not able to participate because the aerobic jumping etc. and boxing movements would not help my eyes heal properly. But now I am not in a hurry to go back. There are two RSB franchises in our area and both are just starting out. They only offer a few classes (one only on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and you have to pay by the month, not the class. So it is not convenient and often means I would have cycling class on the same day or tai chi on the same day. Like Beckey said it was nice to see the other people who have it, but it was also very tiring. I'm not sure it is for me right now so may wait until January to see if there will be more classes offered.

  • I understand. It's not for everyone, but I hope you give it another try when the classes are more convenient. I switched to an affiliate & at first it wasn't as challenging because there weren't very many people, but now we have a lot and it's much better. It can be a little tiring, but as Beckey said, when you leave there you're much more energized and the longer you go, the better you get. Take care!!

  • I met with my two trainers yesterday, the first time since they got RSB certified. They are really jazzed about what they learned and can apply across their entire gym.

    Thethought just struck me, now I have to get busy becoming a trained RSB client. I will keep you posted.

  • YES, you do!! It's hard work, but at the same time, it's fun, energizing and it works!! Have fun and definitely keep me posted.

  • How are you and Byron & Kim doing getting the new affiliate up & going? Are you enjoying it?

  • I am glad you asked. I wanted to send you this link of our local TV station review this week. We have 5 members and 4 calls after the TV program. I am really enjoying it. What is neat is that almost every week one of them tells me thank you for making this happen.

  • Thanks for sending! That was a wonderful interview. Terry brought up some good points on why & how RSB helps. You should be proud of your effort in helping to get an affiliate started. The media is a good way to get the news out to others suffering from PD so they can also take advantage of the program. Another good avenue is to get the neurologists in your area informed & once they see how it helps, they can tell their patients about RSB. I know many of the doctors around here are handing out pamphlets to their patients. Keep fighting and keepn in touch!

  • I will be delivering the packets to the Neurologists in the area starting tomorrow. I am including 10 flyers for each Dr so they can give to their patients. The Dr's that I have spoken to, are excited to be able to share a positive solution to their patients.

    Thanks for your support and suggestions.

  • Wow! You're on the ball! Great job!

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