My News That I Didn't Want But I Cope With It

Hi my name is Lois Horn married to Bruce Horn we have two sons and two grandchildren and found out in 2010 that I had Parkinson's . But I don't let this disease get me down I have been in stage one now for six years and I'm very active as I can be. I have a wonderful doctor in Georgia where I found out about myself she is very straight up and honest. We had to move from Georgia because of my husband job we now live in Tenn. But we travel twice a year to go back to Georgia for my check up which takes three hours to get there. She has my Medicines adjusted just right. If you Ever need a doctor her name is Dr.Stephanie Reimann of Woodstock, Georgia.

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  • Hi Lois, welcome to the forum. You are one of the more fortunate people with PD in that you got diagnosed so early. Most of us don't get diagnosed until way into stage 2 because Neurologists are so reluctant to diagnose at the earlier stages. At least that's my opinion.

    I have to ask if you are on any medication (like Azilect) to slow the progression of the PD?

  • Does Dr Reimann do any work with alternative treatments? Like exercise or herbal preparations? (Mucuna)

  • Can u give me info as to how your doctor knows the stage of your PD. Thank u

  • Hohn and Yahr scale.... not certain of spelling, but google it

  • Alright. Thank you.

  • We are all lucky to be on the green side of the turf! I have dealt with this (minor neuromuscular disease)for 11 years since diagnosis. I have to to think everyday exactly what my next thought resulting in a movement of the slightest .... a mere autonomic nervous system adjustment in recent past, ( like they adjust the atomic clock in Boulder once very couple years!) DBS 5 years , 5 brain surgeries and recently (5 yrs after) a battery replacement, has helped considerably. However the cognitive side of the equation is entering. I feel it and don't know how to tell my family. We always look so forward to doing many things together after the children were raised. I am so proud of their accomplishments and my grandchildren. I want to be bullet-proof once again!

  • There are so many parts to the cognitive side. If u feel like sharing any specifics, maybe others can relate. Has your neurologist given any insight or suggestions?

  • Keep up the good progress Lois !!!!

  • Hi Pathfinder54 - you are indeed one of the lucky ones. Would love to know which meds your doctor recommends and any other information which might be useful for the rest of us.

    Like TheresaCurley would like to know if you take Azilect.


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