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Neuroplasticity for finger/hand control

Do you find one hand less dexterous than the other? This video of slow finger movements, originally for musicians, is great for regaining control of hands and fingers. My handwriting has improved greatly after daily practice with these movements. Warning - Control is hard when you first try them but, as you develop new neural pathways, the movements become much easier.

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Fantastic, just what I need. Thanks for sharing

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Hi Dap1948.... How did you hear about this?


I read Dr Farias's book 'Limitless'

I watched him on YouTube

I felt that his technique which involves personalising movements to calm over excited neurological pathways and wake up dormant neural pathways was the way forward. I wrote to him, and after studying videos I sent of me moving he replied to say that I was a suitable candidate for his approach. I have four days booked with him one-to-one next June (his next available appointment!) in Toronto.

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