Effects of medical marijuana on a daTscan

Hi all: I have a question. My new neurologist has scheduled a daTscan two weeks from now. My old neurologist prescribed medical marijuana to allow me to sleep through night-time debilitating pain (I reacted badly to all the pain meds he prescribed). The new doctor has said that he doesn't think that my two inhalations of cannabis each night before bed will mess with the results of the daTscan, but I'm a bit concerned. Does anyone have any experience with this? I would be grateful for any replies. I would rather cut out the cannabis inhalations and go without sleep for a few nights than have a skewed result ofthe test.

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  • All the cannabis does is mitigate symptoms. It cannot alter the status of your illness. Sleep tight, my friend.

  • Thank you, Beckey! That's really helpful.

  • Hi jreid

    Your new neurogist is right,over a week ago I was so fed up especially the tremor it has been getting worse I was so fed up and not to mention not sleeping too,to cut a long story short I found out about cannibis oil and the read all the reviews mostly positive. So ordered a small 100ml from amazon.the first time I used it is slept like baby and my tremor calmed down.I have only been about 12 days and Mt tremor has really calmed I can even write with my hand.and the good thing is it is not addictive and has no side effects mean i hav missed a couple of times and see still slept, so go for it



  • Thank you Goodwick. I have noticed that my tremors decrease too, but I was concerned that this might actually be something that could screw up the daTscan.

  • Congrats, and just to clarify- was it generic CBD OIL from the health food store, LEGAL CBD? NON-THC?

  • Are you talking about hemp oils?Or real marijuana you smoke or eat in food?

  • Hi. I'm using medical cannabis as an extracted oil through a vaping pen made for that. It's got both THC and CBD in it. Any thoughts?

  • no access to "legal" medical MJ/ CBD here in NC; until then, trying CBDLUXE pen. Would like to have the privilege of using THC loaded CBD.

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