Important old study

The following study is an important study for regrowth of New Neurons and Recovery of Function in Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease

My question is can we find a supplement that could have the same effect of the

( 7-OH-DPAT) or a supplement to stimulate neurogenesis in parkinsons ?

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  • Wherever i look i see Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) as a good candidate for stimulating neurogenesis and helping in brain cell growth .

  • Endogenous production of dopamine has been shown by Placebo in Vancover. Study. Look at BBC Horizom Power of tjhe Placebo, youtube video.


  • Plenty of ideas to promote neurogenisis in Dr Brant Cortright's book 'Neurogenisis- Diet and lifestyle.' its an easy read and the author tells me that, although there has been no research specifically into PD as the subject is so new, he feels it can only help. He recommends picking and choosing from his suggestions and says they act synergistically. Find him talking about the book on YouTube.

  • Thank you so much I ordered the book from Amazon.

  • A good article about how to Harness Neurogenesis:

    Taurine has been shown to help benefit Parkinson’s disease:

    I think i need to change the subject to Neurogenesis

  • FWIW, Here's a recent report confirming the effectiveness of 7-OH-DPAT in mice:

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