Hope all you peeps are ok

Thought I would just pop in to say hope your all doing ok or as well as we can .. I was allowed home on Thursday night after having another fall but this time breaking my hip after 3 screws I'm all good spent a week in hospital might of been longer iv lost my days and weeks but hospital food yuck .. healing process going ok and family looking after me tom soup taste great at home .. will keep you updated how I'm doing take care peeps and keep your smiles xxx

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  • wishing you a speedy recovery

  • That sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

  • impressed you can do soup.... My wife makes me soup when she secretly needs some comic relief! Keep up the great attitude and positive feeling and thanks for sharing. Have a great day

  • Hi pelley I eat my soup though a straw if I was to use a spoon omg I would be wearing it and starve mind you I have got a good spoon that wraps round my wrist so when my tremers arnt to bad I do try always spill it tho lol my family keep me going we all joke my new name is church Hill Aarrrrhhh YESSSS I find it funny if you don't laugh Yeah cry and Iv done enough that ... have a great day to 😆

  • @Kntrach

    So sorry you have fallen and broke your hip! I know that is very painful !! I hope you have someone to take good care of yo

    I know Thy hand upholdeth me, and will my soul defend; / Sufficient is Thy grace, O Lord, to keep me to the end.

    Fanny Crosby, hymnist


  • @Kntrach

    How nice of you to check in on everybody :)

  • I'm just 1 of those people who like to know everyone is well pd may of got my brain and other parts of my body but it will never take my kindness 🤗

  • @Kntrach

    That is a wonderful thing.

    We all need kindness <3

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