PD and the bladder

I never had a UTI, urinary tract infection, until a few months ago. Then recently it felt like it was coming back but my doctor says no after taking a urine sample and checking. Besides the discomfort I feel like I still have to pee after going but can't. It helps to drink a lot of liquid, almost like flushing out the system, but that gets pretty old. I need to be carrying around my own porta potty.

In reading about the bladder, apparently it is a muscle and it's affected by PD like other muscles which can cause it to have a hard time emptying completely. Is anyone else having a hard time with this or experiencing similar symptoms?

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  • First, my prostrate now PD. What next?

  • Often made worse by Anticholinergic treatment

  • Really? I take Benadryl at night to sleep and that is one of those. I just started that recently so I will try cutting it out and see if it helps.

  • I am a caretaker and do NOT have PD, but 16 months ago I was put in the hospital with Sepsis from a bladder infection that went to my kidneys to my blood. I researched the internet and since then have been taking DAILY the PROBIOTIC "Fem Dophilus" by Jarrow. It must be kept refrigerated. It is for vaginal/urinary tract health. I have had NO urinary tract infections since and use to get one every 6 months or so. I do drink about 6-7 glasses of water daily. Apparently, past menopause urinary tract infections increase. It's worth a try. I live in Los Angeles. Good luck.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.

  • If you do your pelvic floor exercises it does improve. Just have to keep at it.

  • I will look those up and try doing them. It's amazing how often exercise helps us.

  • Hi strange I was just about to post this! Two years ago I was having constant UTIs ecoli kept showing up in my tests.I finally had the right antibiotic and it cleared. However I still get the urgency and sometimes leakage. I have recently had ecoli again.I have difficulty holding my bladder sometimes.I've only recently been diagnosed with PD

  • Yes. I had my first ever bladder infection while I was travelling. I cannot feel the bladder like I used to either. I know I have to pee but sometimes I do not feel it.

  • TO ALL.

    How muchos coffee do you drink/day? Remember that coffee is a bladder irritant + The bladder thins with age!

  • I drink one cup possibly 2. I attribute the UTI from sitting in a wet bathing suit too long after swimming.

  • I'm sorry yo say that's "old wife tale", sitting on a wet bathing suit is not a cause for UTI. Women, because of anatomical formation and to close to anus, are prone to UTI.

  • Continence problems are common in PD. They off preceed diagnosis.

  • I have not had a UTC infection recently PD dxd 12yrs but I am experiencing some of the symptoms to which others refer. I sometimes have "Victoria Falls" where my bladder just opens & vast quantities of pee deluge. It happened on Oxford train station a few years ago - fortunately I had a change of clothes as I was going on a visit. I was referred for an ultrasound scan of my bladder last month due to keep getting the urge to pee, emptying bladder then needing to pass a little more. The scan was clear for all the major organs but showed that I have some large gallstones. Given the nature of PD & a rough idea of what the future holds I feel that this is the cause. Thanks again Hikoi for your down to earth info.

  • Men and women of certain age should never bypass a bathroom and not go in even without need to use

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