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What happens when the doctor leaves the perectous

What happens when the doctor leaves the perectous

Hello my husband has been going to see Dr. William Severt in NYC for 11 years he has CBD, we found out this week that he is going to another job. Now after all this time what do we do? We now have to start all over again with someone new it's very up setting to us. We wish the Dr. Well but are very up set. We wanted Dr Susan Bressmen to take over but she is no longer taking new patients. If anyone out there has any ideas please let me know.

Thanks Margaret

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Hi. My Neuro of over 10 years retired 2 or 3 years ago and I cried when he told me. I decided to go to a movement disorder specialist in Indy and I really like her, so maybe things will turn out for the best. Good luck!


not much help .... but we had the same problem... long time with a doctor you trust and due to problems with the owner of the clinic, our doctor left suddenly. We finally found out where he went, spoke on the phone with him, and he had moved 3 cities away ! put a frowny face here... So we start over again. By the way, we have found that to type up a page or 2 with brief history, a list of meds., and previous hospital visits, etc can REALLY help with seeing a new doctor, and nurses appreciate this also. Also, list allergies to meds.


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