Break from Fast Walking

I stopped fast walking several months ago. Meanwhile it became difficult for me to get into bed, lifting my legs and also pulling the covers over me.

Tuesday was with my neurologist (movement disorder specialist) for my regular visit. I asked about my prognosis (not optimistic) and asked for Amantadine prescription. I wanted this med to stop my tremors at night. (100mg one x day, late afternoon). I take no other med.

Wednesday I started my fast walk routine up again. Normally, 45 minutes. But to start I kept the walk shorter. Friday, same walk. Sunday, full 45 minutes.

Thursday and Saturday, 5 to 15 min on a recumbent exercycle. (standard issue).

I am happy and encouraged to report that by Thursday it was much easier for me to get into bed.

I must keep going with this exercise routine. It is a much nicer prognosis than I received at the hands of the neurologist.

P.S. Regarding the amantadine, my wife notes my arm does not tremor as much. Still too much for me. Next Wednesday I will decide if I should take one 2x/day. As advised by my neurologist.

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  • Glad you've found something that's helping!

  • Glad you find what is now well documented that exercise helps Roy. If you start meds they too will help, ( how will you decide which makes the difference!)

  • Encouraged to hear your improvement RoyProp.

    Keep up the exercise. All the best.

  • So glad this is working

  • let us know how things go...

  • Glad you are back on your exercise regime! I have been doing regular exercise since before diagnosis - and now know just how important it is. I also smoke marijuana for tremor relief. Works wonders - just a couple of puffs in the evening. I also take dopamine (1/2 pill of 100/25 twice a day) and Mucuna.

  • According to my neurologist, Amantadine can take a few weeks or so to kick in. Although some people get immediate results, I noticed improvement at about the three week mark.

  • Hi Royprop. I'm pleased to hear that you have started the walking again. I hope you can keep it up until you get to 1 hour. Then stick to that and just try to go faster and faster.

  • Did you try meds and then stop them, or just never start?

    Wish Drs would keep their bad prognosises (sp?) to themselves.

  • try and stop

  • Does the fast walking help more than the meds did?

  • I can only hope so

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