Help advice please I'm abroad at the moment

Hi Parkies, arrived for holiday yesterday, it's obviously very hot, we had hardly any sleep the previous night, so it's catch up time for that. My husband isn't great to walk long walks, but he is complaining that he can't walk very well at all???? He says his legs are extremely stiff???? Not known him to be like this before.

Maybe a day or 2 complete rest might do the trick??? Or is there something I am missing, would pain killers help at all?

I know I can rely on you for some helpful advice, please get back to me, many thanks xxxxx

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  • ask at pharmacy for over the counter (non-prescribe) muscle relaxant.

  • On vacation you eat more food which could interfere with meds.

  • You could try a massage and make sure he's drinking enough water.

  • Complete rest doesn't seem like a good idea. Can you help him do some bed excercises to get going. Then some short walks. Also try to keep the medication intervals as regular.

    I too am travelling overseas at the moment. I'm wearing an alarm watch on uk time for pill taking. It's easier than working out time zones and is working well.

  • I recommend ice cream plenty of ice cream.

  • Heat and tiredness are killers for me. Lack of sleep makes everything worse for me. Good nights sleep might help.

    Hope you can enjoy your holiday.

    All the best.

  • Try disprin, salt and magnesium. Also lots of rest.

    Hope he recovers soon.

  • Hi Allofatremor. I hope you will understand this. If your husband were to do this test successfully, he might find the answer to his problem.

    Get him to stand next to you and hold his left arm in your right arm. The reason for doing all this is to make him consciously aware of what he is doing. When ‘normal’ people walk, they do not think about their movements, but because Pd affects many of our movements we do without thinking, we have to take back the conscious control of all those movements again.

    Ask him to put his whole weight on his left leg and show you and himself how far he is capable of sticking his right leg out in front of him with his knee straight. Then do the same with the left leg.

    Then ask him to consciously show you and himself how high he is able to stand up on his toes.

    Then ask him to swing his arms as high as possible, with you standing behind him.

    If he does all this successfully then ask him why he is unable to do that when he walks?

    This is not a catch question. It is pointing out the reality that he is capable of CONSCIOUSLY MOVING HIS LIMBS but he is unable to subconsciously do so, correctly anymore.


    When you both come to grips with this simple reality and start to walk in this way, slowly to begin with, but as soon as he is able to do it more confidently, with you holding his arm as indicated above, then you are both on your way to reversing his Pd.

    Oh! And tell him to stand erect! There is nothing stopping him from doing so, it is just a bad habit he has developed over the years. If he can lay flat on his back in bed then he can stand up straight. He may need some exercises to help strengthen his back muscles.

    Forcing himself to walk subconsciously is like walking in treacle.

    I hope this helps you and anybody reading this.

  • Thank you all for your quick and helpful comments, I have made him rest, and kept him excercising lightly he has walked a little better today, and has soaked In The bath on and off, he's staying off the swimming for a few days which is a shame. The cramping is not as bad now, but I am keeping my eye on him.

    I gave him a little aspirin cause he is asthmatic you see so can't take much.

    Thanks for all your help as per, it's nice to know your there, and I am making sure he drinks plenty, water that is. I might give him a small whiskey and soda as a treat later, he has to do without so much.

    I hate PD it's a complete horror to deal with and I don't have it, you pwp are strong willed my heart goes out to you all keep up the good work.💛💛💛💛

  • I travel a lot and my Parkinson's is so much worse in hot countries. Most important is to drink large amounts of water and consume Energy drinks ( also known as Sports drink eg Powerade} with electrolytes: the most common, all-round energy drinks. Electrolytes (sodium and potassium) replace the salts lost in sweat and help to reduce cramping, among other things. I found the I was good on 2-3 energy drinks a day plus water and I was good.

    As soon as I felt sick and weak while walking I get into the energy drink. It works in 30min to restore my strength.

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